Instrument of Peace

This was part of our musical week in Poetry and Prayers of Unity. Like Harp and Drum, I wrote this in 2010. It’s still as powerful now, if not more so–so powerful in fact, that I remembered the whole poem, even though I thought I’d have to read rather than recite it… That is the goodness of allowing Spirit to speak through us: It sticks! This one has become one of my signature poems. 🙂

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Accompanying instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

Even in the silence,
Your instrument is sounding,
Sending out a message
To everyone around you.

What is it you’re saying?
Is harmony the essence,
Or dissonance unsettled –
Within your very presence?

The peace and joy within you
Is what you truly are.
So let it be the message
You spread both near and far.

Your instrument is sounding;
You vibrate all the time.
So practice peace and vibrate love
For centered heart and mind.

Harp and Drum – Musical Poem

I wrote this poem in August, 2010, only a month after beginning committed metaphysical study. It was part of Poetry and Prayers of Unity, the week we discussed The Instrument.

The discussion isn’t included here – the poem speaks for itself, especially with the audio reading-instrumental. However, I welcome anyone’s thoughts or feelings about the poem!

I imagine it speaks to musicians, as it does to me. But you don’t need to “be a musician” to resonate with it! We are vibrational beings, and it’s as much about that as what we describe as music.

Harp and Drum

Instruments: Celtic lap harp, buffalo frame drum

The harp is a Spirit
That carries the light
Of truth, peace and wisdom
Through any dark night.

The drum is a gateway
To journey in you
Reclaiming your wisdom
Your essence of truth.

The harp is your voice
And the drum is your heart
Each working together
To help do their part.

The voice of your Spirit
The rhythm of all
The harmony sings
When you answer the call.

Your Spirit is calling
Just listen, you’ll hear
Its small voice of purpose
That says, “Cast out fear!”

For fear is a rhythm
A dissonant hum
That isn’t in tune
With your true harp and drum.

Now may you be blessed,
May you always feel whole,
Fulfilling the purpose
That’s deep in your Soul.
And so it is!

The Instrument – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 6

Because the world needs cheering,
A wind harp I will be,
That vibrates with the beauty
Of God’s own melody.

No inharmonious thinking
Must ever mar the chords.
My task is just the tuning:
The music is the Lord’s.
–Dorothy A. Stickell
From Music of the Soul (pdf)

What is a wind harp? Before moving on it’s important to know something about this intriguing instrument. In this video the wind harp makes the sound of singing – a little like a crystal singing bowl, but playing more than one note.

As you can see, the wind itself plays this instrument. Others can be mounted in windows, so they play when the wind blows by. But no human contact is needed to play this harp, and it’s truly a beautiful instrument.

Now, think about each of us being a wind harp. What is our task in life? According to the poem, we vibrate with the beauty of God’s melody. We tune ourselves to positive vibrations, thus creating harmony in our thoughts, words and actions. This tuning is our only job.

What? Tuning is our job? Yes, tuning our vibration, our frequency, our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. But tuning to what? To the Spirit of God – of good – within us. It’s always there, but we’re not required to tune to it. We have free will. We’re welcome to choose inharmonious thinking! But once we realize how negative thoughts manifest in our lives, why would we knowingly choose them?

Our purpose is to tune ourselves to the highest vibration we can feel at any moment. Some times will be higher than others, and that’s ok. Our only task is to have the best tuning we can.

Do your best and the Lord’s music will play through you.

What is the Lord’s music? It doesn’t belong to some being outside us somewhere. In metaphysics the Lord is the Presence, Power, Peace and Beauty within. It’s the Spirit and the highest consciousness that creates us, and that we tap into to create ourselves. This “lord” is not something looking down on us. It/He is within us.

The Lord’s music is really our true music. This is such a simple and profound poem, that I’m going to leave it at that!

In this final session of Poetry and Prayers of Unity, we also discussed 2 of my poems. I’m going to give them their own posts, to link their readings and recordings. Stay tuned for those! They continue the theme of each person being an instrument tuned to positive vibrations.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

Prayer for Divine Guidance – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 5

Divine Guidance – Positive Prayer Poem

We started this last week, and I wanted to keep it to one post for easy access.

In writing this poem, I used the 5-step Spiritual Mind Treatment guidelines. The steps are:

1. Recognition: Tell the Truth about who/what God is.

2. Unification: Identify and unify yourself and your mind with God, knowing you, too, are that which God is.

3. Realization: Because of what God is and who/what you truly are, make real (realize) the declaration of what you want in your life. Declare this as if it’s already done, because in Mind, it is.

4. Gratitude: Give thanks, because it is already done.

5. Release: Because you’ve already asked, believed and received, you let it go.

These steps seem simple, and they are. But we can stay with each one as long as it takes to truly feel it is so.

Some people in our live class said these steps are limiting. What if people think they’re not doing it right? What if I miss one? etc. I acknowledge this can happen. However, I also believe we need to start somewhere, anywhere! So, if you’re coming from a tradition of begging, pleading prayer, or no prayer at all, or something else… it’s helpful to have a guideline for Spiritual Mind Treatment or affirmative prayer. This is that guideline, and it is just that. Use it if it works for you.

As I said, I used it in this poem, and sometimes do pray with the steps in my heart. I don’t say in mind, because they’ve become such a part of me, in a good way, that I no longer consciously think about them.

When you pray metaphysically, as long as it is heart-felt, mindful (mind-full!), and affirmative/positive, you’re on the right track! Does the prayer feel good? Yes? Then it’s fine!

If prayer feels bad, like a chore, or doesn’t end feeling better than it started, you might try this guideline. Stay with each step, or write down your prayer, until your thoughts and feelings are lifted higher.

Keep in mind that the steps don’t need to be in order. You’ll notice that some release comes before thanks in the poem below. If that feels good, it’s right.

With that, here’s Prayer for Divine Guidance with step numbers like this (1) for your reference.

Prayer for Divine Guidance

(1) You, the knower of all things,
Source and substance, guiding star,
(2) I unite my mind with you;
I am wisdom as you are.

Quietly I listen now,
Hearing in me perfect truth.
I receive the word I seek,
Thinking now at one with you.

(3) When to speak and what to say,
All of this I clearly see.
Where to go along my way,
Everything is here in me.

(5) Lovingly I now release
All confusion, fear and doubt.
(3) They are gone and I’m at peace,
Knowing what to carry out.

(4) Thank you, bless-ed voice of all,
Loving, knowing, guiding light,
Flowing like a waterfall,
Never ending, day or night.

(5) I have asked and I receive
That which I have sought to know.
I release this into law,
Where it manifests and flows.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

Child of Light Prayer – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 4

Martha Smock’s Child of Light Prayer first appeared in Daily Word in 1975.

The Blessing

First, let’s consider the power of a blessing. To give someone a blessing like “Child of Light, I bless you,” is a meaningful, thoughtful, kind and expansive intention. Words alone may not have the same impact; however, when we say them while feeling their truth, blessings are the greatest expressions of the presence of Spirit within us.

Spirit is within us always, and when we bless someone, we bring that truth into our awareness, and the awareness of the ones we bless.

Giving up Attachment to Others

“I think of you,
I pray for you,
Not in terms of what I think you need or what I think you should do or be or express”

This is an affirmation that we’ve given up our attachment to outcome, behavior, words and actions on someone else’s part. We’re acknowledging (and ideally really meaning) that we have no business directing someone else’s path.

Take our children, for instance, or kids in general. Often, we think we control them. Therefore, we try hard to do that. We direct their physical behavior, expressions of emotions, their actions toward us and others, because somehow we think we can control them. What a laugh!

When they’re small we want them to be quiet, listen, learn what we show them, repeat things, grow properly, etc. As they grow we want them to do their share around the house, get good grades, choose “good friends” – the ones we think they should have, do certain school activities and do well by our and others’ standards… What a lot of pressure we put on our kids! And on ourselves, by using so much energy to direct people who, kids or not, have the same Spirit within as everyone else.

DO I dare say this? We try to direct others, who don’t need directing!

Maybe it’s different if they ASK us. But until they do, our only “job” is to know and affirm the Truth for them.

That Truth is not that they get good grades and choose their friends “wisely” (again, the ones we think are good for them, not by following their own wisdom – because they’re kids for goodness sake! What kind of wisdom could they possibly have! I hope you get the sarcasm here… :o) .

The absolute Truth, that never changes, is in these lines and those that follow:

Lifting our Thoughts

“I lift up my thought about you.
I catch a new vision of you.
I see you guided and directed
By an inward spirit that leads you unerringly into the path that is right for you.”

Note the word “unerringly”. With this we’re acknowledging that Spirit makes no mistakes! One affirmation by Dr. Paul Leon Masters says, “Every seeming negative experience is a signal to my mind to react positively and spiritually.”

So, Spirit does not make mistakes. No experience is bad, wrong, a lost opportunity, or anything negative at all. That goes for experiences in our own lives, as well as others’.

We know, and the more we feel the more we know, that Spirit guides our children and all those we pray for. So the best we can do, is affirm the Truth. Sitting around bemoaning their seeming difficulties is adding negative energy. And that is not our intention in prayer. That is why this prayer is a good tool to show us the right frame of mind for prayer, for all Children of Light – that is, anyone and everyone!

Where does Spirit lead them? Into the path that is right… for us? No! Into the path that is right for them!

We each have our own individual path. It’s true we are all connected, no doubt about it. And we still each have free will, to choose and follow our own paths. So this is a great affirmation, or blessing, to hold in your thoughts for yourself and everyone else. Because what we affirm for “one,” is true for all.

Thoughts Held in Mind Produce After Their Kind (Like Attracts Like)

So, if we don’t create things in someone else’s life – which we don’t… And we only create in our own lives, which we do… What can we affirm for others, while not infringing on their free will? The prayer continues:

“I see you strong and whole;
I see you blessed and prospered;
I see you courageous and confident;
I see you capable and successful.”

Big Finish!

I see you free from limitation or bondage of any kind.
I see you as the spiritually perfect being you truly are.
Child of Light, I bless you!”

Ending with the same blessing we started with, but with an expanded awareness for ourselves and each Child of Light we hold in Mind.

May it be so each time we pray. And as we let it be so, so it is!

Comments? Questions? Feedback? please feel free to contact me!

Prayer of Faith – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 3

Find this poem and a companion reading and talk here.

Please refer to the poem to contemplate the following, and make your own connection of faith within you.

1. Right before the talk linked above, I play a recording of Unity co-founder Myrtle Fillmore reading this prayer. It must have been made in the 1920’s or early ’30’s. On a record of course… So, this prayer must have been important to Myrtle, because as far as I know, we don’t have many recordings from her. I wonder how much it meant to her, and why…

2. The poem is called Prayer *of* Faith, not Prayer for Faith. So, before saying this prayer cold-turkey, I recommend meditating to the point where you’re in a peaceful state of mind and entertaining the possibility of having faith.

Otherwise, saying this prayer could really stir up angry feelings. Which wouldn’t be bad! Then you could release those – that is, if you could step back, observe the feelings, and choose to let them go. Often that is not the case, and we get caught up in anger. Begin using this prayer when you’re already in a good place, so that when you’re not, you can remember how it felt to pray this when you had a better-feeling thought. Then the prayer, having prior good feelings for you, can bring you back to that state of mind/heart.

3. This is a well-known Unity prayer. However, I’m personally not sure whether the author was a member of Unity, or if Unity “adopted” the prayer. Either way, we discussed in class how these lines appeal to a much wider audience than Unity. Christians in general, and many people of other religious and spiritual paths, accept these lines as Truth and take comfort in them:

God is my help in every need;
God does my every hunger feed;
God walks beside me, guides my way
Through every moment of the day.

4. Now we come to more metaphysical, Unity lines. Here, we affirm our oneness with the all-providing, ever-present God we’ve already brought to mind. We affirm our wisdom, truth, patience, kindness, and love, which we have and are, because God has and is:

I now am wise, I now am true,
Patient, kind, and loving, too;
All things I am, can do, and be,
Through Christ the Truth, that is in me.

Again, Christ appeals to a Christian audience. In traditional Christianity, Christ is a man, and in metaphysics, a state of being/consciousness. Our similarities are interesting, and it’s good to become aware of them.

5. Next are lines that prove my suggestion to meditate first! If you affirm these lines when you’re feeling bad, chances are you’ll get more bad feelings. Your feeling is strongest, not your words. So always, when using prayers or affirmations of any kind, come to a good-feeling place first, through meditation or whatever works for you. Then, affirm, as you feel the affirmation to be true. In this way you maximize the power of feelings and words:

God is my health, I can’t be sick;
God is my strength, unfailing, quick;
God is my all, I know no fear,
Since God and Love and Truth are here

I address this in the talk I linked to above. You may appear sick right now. But know that sickness is not who and what you are. It is not your being, your worth, your life. It is what it is: just an appearance. As I said, affirm this in a peaceful state of mind! Meditation has cumulative results. The more you tip the balance of your life in a positive direction, the more appearances in your life will improve.

For at least 8 years, from the remembered, conscious choice to begin a spiritual practice, until 2 years ago, I would not meditate. I could not. Because I thought it was too hard, complicated, I couldn’t do it, needed tools, and so on…

So for me, now, to recommend meditation to you, is not just a recommendation as something you “should” do! It’s because of my personal results. I now meditate daily, and I feel off/unbalanced if I don’t. I value the inner connections I make during meditation. When we get our ego, or monkey mind, quiet, we make great discoveries, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Don’t take my word for it! I always say, no one can create an experience for anyone else. I cannot create a meditative experience or good feeling for you. But I can encourage, affirm, and hold quiet space for you. And that is what I do. The true power in your life comes when you, yourself, meditate or make inner connections of your own.

Prayer is for us. It is not for God/Spirit. It’s a connecting tool, so that we can become consciously aware of our oneness with God. Meditation is the listening tool. Prayer is the talking tool. They are 2 sides of the same coin. The coin itself, is life, or consciousness. Prayer and meditation both, are important aspects of that consciousness. Use them, change them, make them yours! Because the power is in your consciousness, aka your state of being, awareness, or focus.

Comments? Questions? Feedback? please feel free to contact me!

Prayer for Protection – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 2

This is the second of two very widely published poems by Unity’s Poet Laureate James Dillet Freeman. It also explains why he is called “Poet Laureate to the Moon.” Along with “I Am There,” a copy of this prayer was left on the moon by Apollo astronauts. 🙂

The Prayer for Protection is well-known and loved by people of all faiths, religions and belief systems. Remember that Jim Freeman’s work was not only published by Unity. This affirms the universal truth of his writing.

Prayer for Protection – Contemplations

No questions here, just personal observations… My intention is that you will read the prayer and find its personal meaning to you.

We discussed in the live class that each line is an affirmation. These affirmations start general – we all basically accept that “The light of God surrounds me,” etc.

However, about the time we come to “The Mind of God guides me,” it gets more personal. Had Freeman started the prayer with this line, it probably would not have been as effective. People wouldn’t have been able to relate to a blanket statement, “The Mind of God guides me.” But with the foundation of the more general affirmations, already knowing they are true, the conscious mind accepts this one more easily. It’s as if Freeman is preparing the mind to “go all the way” to feeling the truth of Spirit/God’s presence. These affirmations are a tool for the conscious mind to get used to the Truth.

We talked a lot about “The laws of God direct me.” These laws are universal, rather than human laws, religious laws of any kind, or even things we culturally accept to be morally “right.” God’s laws are love, good, truth, beauty – because these are what God is. Call it the law of attraction, law of mind, law of love… It’s all the same law, and it’s all God’s laws.

Are you truly directed by man-made laws? No! If you choose to be, you can be directed by the laws of God. You can also choose to ignore them, but they are still at work. The thing is, if you choose to work with them, using your creative power in harmony with God’s laws, you will manifest/experience good in your life. If you choose to ignore the laws, or don’t know how to use them for the highest good, you will likely experience negativity.

As a result, it’s a powerful affirmation to say and feel, that “The laws of God direct me.”

“The power of God abides within me.” We know this in metaphysics. But how often do we feel it? Again, I find it no coincidence that this affirmation appears where it does. If we started with this, it could have less impact. But as we’ve already accepted so many truths, we can’t help but accept this one as well. God’s power is within you.

The next 3 lines expand on the power of God by also affirming that we have God’s joy, strength and beauty. “Under circumstances” – though I have no idea why we’re under there! – we sometimes feel anything but joy, strength and beauty. So to affirm we have them, in prayer and meditation, brings them to mind when we need them in life. The more we practice this, the better we feel and the better our lives reflect it.

And the big one: “Wherever I am, God is!” ‘Nuff said!

I recommend meditating on this prayer. At Unity we say it every Sunday. But as rituals can, sometimes it becomes a habit, and we no longer feel what we’re saying. I encourage each of us to feel this prayer, to make it real for ourselves, and to make it part of our accepted core beliefs.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

James Dillet Freeman – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 1

We started off Poetry and Prayers of Unity with Unity’s best-known poet, James Dillet Freeman. This week’s poems were “God Bless your Birthday,” as a member celebrated her birthday, “How do I find what Life’s About?” and the classic “I Am There.”

James Dillet Freeman Biography

This link will take you to a PDF document of a Unity publication called Music of the Soul. You will need Adobe Reader or another PDF-accessible program to read it. Music of the Soul

“God Bless your Birthday” – Contemplation Questions

After reading “God Bless your Birthday” in Music of the Soul, think about your own answers to these questions.

1. Would you send this poem to someone you love, without altering it? Is there anything here you would not wish for someone?

2. Do you see any references to getting old, giving up, negative changes, etc?

3. What feeling do you have when reading this poem?

4. Would you like to receive this poem on your birthday? How would you feel after receiving it? What would you do as a result of that feeling?

5. Do any words or lines stand out to you in this poem? For me especially “smilestone in eternity>’

“How do I find what Life’s About?” – Contemplation Questions

Find this poem on Jim’s bio page, linked above. After reading it, think about your answers to these questions.

1. Did you sense the meaning right away, or did you get carried away by the rhythm and rhyme of the poem?

2. What could you “venture farther out” from?

3. What do we often do when “something in me is not content”? I.e. suppress it, think something is wrong, etc?

4. Is something wrong when something in us isn’t content? Do we have a right to follow it and see where it leads?

5. What does it mean to you to hear “Something affirms that I am meant for more?” How do you feel knowing, or trying on the belief, that this is true?

6. How can we “fly?” What does it mean to you to fly in life?

7. Do you feel that “venture farther out” from line 2, and “going beyond the edge of things” from line 7, are related? How so? Or why not?

8. A basic metaphysical principle is in the lines about wings. Think about what it means to you, to have wings “being mainly in the mind.”

9. What “more” can be found in you, from the last line?

I Am There – Contemplation Questions

Read this poem on Jim’s bio page above, or the Prayer section of

This is one of the most powerful metaphysical poems I’ve ever read. And it’s not just me! 🙂 This poem has been left on the moon, distributed through publications and on CD through Unity, and read by billions of people. Inspiring, comforting and meditative, I ask that you meditate on “I Am There” if you feel lead.

1. What is the “I am” in this poem?

2. How do you feel knowing that an invisible power sees, hears and feels through you?

3. What is the “self” we must get beyond, and later “get yourself out of the way,” in order to know the “I am?”

4. How can we know this presence?

5. Even in denial, fears, pain, loneliness and lack of prayer – this presence is there. Knowing this presence is only good, how does that make you feel?

6. Why do you think the presence has faith in us? To me, it is because we are its creations, and Spirit/God/Universe would not create something unless it knew that creation was good. I.e. all creations are good because they all come from and are made of the presence. Therefore, Presence must have faith in us. What an affirmation: God has faith in me!

7. Just an observation… How powerful to be called Spirit’s beloved! Who says that…? We get honey, sweetheart, love, dear, blah blah blah… And from other people. But to be the Beloved of the Universe? And not just be it, because you are, but when you truly feel that… Now there’s a partner!

This poem, to me, is an intellectual exercise. I don’t know what James Dillet Freeman thought when he wrote it. Technically, it could have ended at the beginning: “Do you need Me? I am there.” End of story.

But because we have a personal/ego mind that holds onto things, gets obsessive at times, and needs to be convinced, Freeman goes on. He offers so many affirmations, aspects and descriptions of the I Am, that by the end of the poem, your “logical” conscious mind can’t help but be convinced that, yes, this is Truth. This is why I highly recommend meditating on this poem!

We had a lot of great discussion on all 3 of these poems! I tried here to offer the basics of that. However, as I said in class, especially with “I Am There,” we need to experience God ourselves. Others can, as I intend to, hold the space and know others’ good. However, getting your own personal feeling of God, when you can know, with or without words, that “This” is the Presence, that’s what I believe metaphysics is about. Not intellectual understanding, etc, but about feeling, and thereby experiencing a better life, because you know God.

If you have any comments, questions or other feedback, please send a message using the contact page. Thank you for participating!

Live Class: Poetry and Prayers of Unity

Beginning tonight, Thursday, 1/10/13, I will be teaching a live class at Unity of Reading.

The poetry and prayers of Unity are well-known throughout New Thought, metaphysics and in general. However, sometimes they become so habitual that we don’t stop to feel what they mean when we say or read them. This class is part poetry appreciation, part meditation, part contemplation and discussion of what the poems and prayers mean. We will discuss what the author meant, or may have meant in writing them, and what they mean to us as individuals and as a spiritual community.

Poetry and Prayers of Unity will be held from 7:00-8:30 p.m, beginning tonight and every Thursday for 6 weeks. The last week will be 2/14/13. Handouts will be provided.

Can’t make it? Discovering this after the fact? No problem! I will not copy others’ poems here, to honor copyright laws. However, I will link to online sources where available. If you want the interaction of the live class, please comment here or contact me via the navbar link, and I’ll see about setting up a forum for this!

I look forward to hearing from you, either in person or online!