Harp and Drum – Musical Poem

I wrote this poem in August, 2010, only a month after beginning committed metaphysical study. It was part of Poetry and Prayers of Unity, the week we discussed The Instrument.

The discussion isn’t included here – the poem speaks for itself, especially with the audio reading-instrumental. However, I welcome anyone’s thoughts or feelings about the poem!

I imagine it speaks to musicians, as it does to me. But you don’t need to “be a musician” to resonate with it! We are vibrational beings, and it’s as much about that as what we describe as music.

Harp and Drum

Instruments: Celtic lap harp, buffalo frame drum

The harp is a Spirit
That carries the light
Of truth, peace and wisdom
Through any dark night.

The drum is a gateway
To journey in you
Reclaiming your wisdom
Your essence of truth.

The harp is your voice
And the drum is your heart
Each working together
To help do their part.

The voice of your Spirit
The rhythm of all
The harmony sings
When you answer the call.

Your Spirit is calling
Just listen, you’ll hear
Its small voice of purpose
That says, “Cast out fear!”

For fear is a rhythm
A dissonant hum
That isn’t in tune
With your true harp and drum.

Now may you be blessed,
May you always feel whole,
Fulfilling the purpose
That’s deep in your Soul.
And so it is!

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