Full Snow Moon Meditation

This month’s full moon is called the Snow Moon, because traditionally the heaviest snows fall in February. Even those of us who live in warmer climates can draw on this moon’s resting energy, in its sign of Virgo.

Goddess Mother Holle is a northern archetype who shakes and shakes her featherbed, creating all the snow!

In both hemispheres we’re preparing for a harvest. Up north where the snow falls, we work with the moon to choose the right time to plant new seeds. In the south where weather is warm, you prepare to reep what you’ve already planted.

In this ritual we honor Mother Holle and Her knowing when to blanket us in quiet and waiting, so that when Spring/Harvest comes, it may be full and prosperous.


Blankets, pillows or cushion (whatever you need to create a comfortable nest)

Darkened room

one candle of any color

Candle-lighting tools (lighter, etc)

Ritual – A Meditation to Mother Holle

Go to a comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Create a nest for yourself, using pillows, blankets, or whatever feels right to you. If you can see the full moon from a window, so much the better.

Darken the room if possible, placing the unlit candle safely in a holder in front of your nest.

Make yourself comfortable in the nest for meditation.

Silently: ground and center. Cast circle, call quarters, and in your own words ask Mother Holle to be present.


After calling Mother Holle, feel Her presence within and around you. She creates the blankets of snow in the North, and makes time for you to be blanketed in quiet and rest.

Thank Mother Holle for Her blanket. Accept Her blanket in your own way. Let your daily responsibilities, obligations and activities fall away for now. Release what others need or want from you, choosing this time to be peaceful and calm within yourself.

Feel the wisdom of nature enfolding you. Know that blankets serve an important purpose, covering and protecting things until they are ready to emerge.

Feel yourself being loved and protected. Know that Mother Holle’s wisdom, Her knowing of when and what to cover in quiet, is within you.

Bring to mind the things you want to manifest, or harvest in your personal life. Ask Mother Holle, who you have summoned from within yourself, to uncover those things in their time. Accept that timing, though it may be slower than what your human senses might like. Know that when you are truly ready, your harvest will appear. You will reep the seeds of desire you’ve sewn, and Mother Holle’s blanket will be thrown back to reveal your beautiful new life She has cradled in this season.

When you feel this truth, leave the nest and light the candle.

Say aloud:
Thank you, Mother Holle, for your blanket soft and white.
Thank you for the dark, that you bring into the light!

Stay with this joyous feeling of renewal for as long as you feel comfortable.

Then, in your own words, thank and release Mother Holle and the quarters, and open the circle.

Put out candle safely.

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