Give Naturally – Metaphysical Music

As always there’s a song that goes with my affirmative meditation! I’ll let it sing for itself. 🙂

Give Naturally – Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – tenor Flea ukulele

Naturally, as the sun shines all its rays!
Feeling free, ‘Cause it’s all God’s anyway!
Lovingly, out of joy and peace that’s pure!
Let it be, without keeping score!

1. Because God has given you life
Because each person has the same right
To feel the happiness of all that’s good!
So let your love do all the guiding
Putting any lack aside and
Knowing all creations live to

2. So being mindful of your thinking
Feeling at ease without a flinching
And with an open heart just like a child!
You know that all that you are sharing-
It is a part of God’s own caring
For in receiving life, we live to
Chorus: (Twice)

Let it be, without keeping score!


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