Child of Light Prayer – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 4

Martha Smock’s Child of Light Prayer first appeared in Daily Word in 1975.

The Blessing

First, let’s consider the power of a blessing. To give someone a blessing like “Child of Light, I bless you,” is a meaningful, thoughtful, kind and expansive intention. Words alone may not have the same impact; however, when we say them while feeling their truth, blessings are the greatest expressions of the presence of Spirit within us.

Spirit is within us always, and when we bless someone, we bring that truth into our awareness, and the awareness of the ones we bless.

Giving up Attachment to Others

“I think of you,
I pray for you,
Not in terms of what I think you need or what I think you should do or be or express”

This is an affirmation that we’ve given up our attachment to outcome, behavior, words and actions on someone else’s part. We’re acknowledging (and ideally really meaning) that we have no business directing someone else’s path.

Take our children, for instance, or kids in general. Often, we think we control them. Therefore, we try hard to do that. We direct their physical behavior, expressions of emotions, their actions toward us and others, because somehow we think we can control them. What a laugh!

When they’re small we want them to be quiet, listen, learn what we show them, repeat things, grow properly, etc. As they grow we want them to do their share around the house, get good grades, choose “good friends” – the ones we think they should have, do certain school activities and do well by our and others’ standards… What a lot of pressure we put on our kids! And on ourselves, by using so much energy to direct people who, kids or not, have the same Spirit within as everyone else.

DO I dare say this? We try to direct others, who don’t need directing!

Maybe it’s different if they ASK us. But until they do, our only “job” is to know and affirm the Truth for them.

That Truth is not that they get good grades and choose their friends “wisely” (again, the ones we think are good for them, not by following their own wisdom – because they’re kids for goodness sake! What kind of wisdom could they possibly have! I hope you get the sarcasm here… :o) .

The absolute Truth, that never changes, is in these lines and those that follow:

Lifting our Thoughts

“I lift up my thought about you.
I catch a new vision of you.
I see you guided and directed
By an inward spirit that leads you unerringly into the path that is right for you.”

Note the word “unerringly”. With this we’re acknowledging that Spirit makes no mistakes! One affirmation by Dr. Paul Leon Masters says, “Every seeming negative experience is a signal to my mind to react positively and spiritually.”

So, Spirit does not make mistakes. No experience is bad, wrong, a lost opportunity, or anything negative at all. That goes for experiences in our own lives, as well as others’.

We know, and the more we feel the more we know, that Spirit guides our children and all those we pray for. So the best we can do, is affirm the Truth. Sitting around bemoaning their seeming difficulties is adding negative energy. And that is not our intention in prayer. That is why this prayer is a good tool to show us the right frame of mind for prayer, for all Children of Light – that is, anyone and everyone!

Where does Spirit lead them? Into the path that is right… for us? No! Into the path that is right for them!

We each have our own individual path. It’s true we are all connected, no doubt about it. And we still each have free will, to choose and follow our own paths. So this is a great affirmation, or blessing, to hold in your thoughts for yourself and everyone else. Because what we affirm for “one,” is true for all.

Thoughts Held in Mind Produce After Their Kind (Like Attracts Like)

So, if we don’t create things in someone else’s life – which we don’t… And we only create in our own lives, which we do… What can we affirm for others, while not infringing on their free will? The prayer continues:

“I see you strong and whole;
I see you blessed and prospered;
I see you courageous and confident;
I see you capable and successful.”

Big Finish!

I see you free from limitation or bondage of any kind.
I see you as the spiritually perfect being you truly are.
Child of Light, I bless you!”

Ending with the same blessing we started with, but with an expanded awareness for ourselves and each Child of Light we hold in Mind.

May it be so each time we pray. And as we let it be so, so it is!

Comments? Questions? Feedback? please feel free to contact me!

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