Got it! The Glow of Truth

“The light is shining through you!”

Someone just emailed me this, and as I read it, I felt the warm glow of Truth. It doesn’t need outside validation because it’s always there. It may feel buried, but beneath all the stuff we pile over it, the glow remains, never diminishing, always shining, staying strong through all the drama we sometimes create for ourselves.

I know the glow is always present, for it is God’s presence, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. To receive a written affirmation like this is a manifestation of God’s glory, of God’s glow that always exists.

The affirmation did not cause the glow. The glow of Truth (notice that spells GOT?) caused the affirmation!

Again, the affirmation/praise didn’t cause the Truth — the Truth brought about the effect of the affirmation.

This cannot be overstated, and in truth, is often understated. We need to already know, believe and feel the glimmer of something, before it manifests. Things don’t come out of nowhere. “Accidents” don’t just happen in the physical. Things manifest, because somewhere in our minds, even if subconsciously, without any conscious thought awareness on our part, we thought a thought, had a feeling, or held a belief. Maybe it wasn’t about that particular thing, i.e. experiencing an accident or illness doesn’t mean we had the specific belief that we would experience that. It means, we had the subconscious, overall vibration that attracted that experience.

So, every time we receive an outward sign of Truth, it means we have the overall vibration of Truth. Which is really cool! Because when we work with that, we can build upon it. Like this:

I feel the vibration of Truth, fully.

I receive the affirmation of Truth.

I get excited, thinking this is awesome, because it feels good, sounds good… It’s Truth all over the place and I know it.

So it causes more feelings of positiveness and Truth.

Which enhances my vibration of Truth…

Which attracts more Truth…

And more Truth…

And more Truth.

This is how Life is ordained (that is, divinely ordered or constructed) to be lived: in Truth. Truth in Mind, Body (the physical), and Spirit.

And so it is!

P.s. Before you use the words, “Got it!” decide whether what you “got” is affirmative. If it is, know that you “got” the glow of truth. If not, the Truth is still there! You just don’t need the negativity, so you don’t got it!

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