Prayer for Divine Guidance – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 5

Divine Guidance – Positive Prayer Poem

We started this last week, and I wanted to keep it to one post for easy access.

In writing this poem, I used the 5-step Spiritual Mind Treatment guidelines. The steps are:

1. Recognition: Tell the Truth about who/what God is.

2. Unification: Identify and unify yourself and your mind with God, knowing you, too, are that which God is.

3. Realization: Because of what God is and who/what you truly are, make real (realize) the declaration of what you want in your life. Declare this as if it’s already done, because in Mind, it is.

4. Gratitude: Give thanks, because it is already done.

5. Release: Because you’ve already asked, believed and received, you let it go.

These steps seem simple, and they are. But we can stay with each one as long as it takes to truly feel it is so.

Some people in our live class said these steps are limiting. What if people think they’re not doing it right? What if I miss one? etc. I acknowledge this can happen. However, I also believe we need to start somewhere, anywhere! So, if you’re coming from a tradition of begging, pleading prayer, or no prayer at all, or something else… it’s helpful to have a guideline for Spiritual Mind Treatment or affirmative prayer. This is that guideline, and it is just that. Use it if it works for you.

As I said, I used it in this poem, and sometimes do pray with the steps in my heart. I don’t say in mind, because they’ve become such a part of me, in a good way, that I no longer consciously think about them.

When you pray metaphysically, as long as it is heart-felt, mindful (mind-full!), and affirmative/positive, you’re on the right track! Does the prayer feel good? Yes? Then it’s fine!

If prayer feels bad, like a chore, or doesn’t end feeling better than it started, you might try this guideline. Stay with each step, or write down your prayer, until your thoughts and feelings are lifted higher.

Keep in mind that the steps don’t need to be in order. You’ll notice that some release comes before thanks in the poem below. If that feels good, it’s right.

With that, here’s Prayer for Divine Guidance with step numbers like this (1) for your reference.

Prayer for Divine Guidance

(1) You, the knower of all things,
Source and substance, guiding star,
(2) I unite my mind with you;
I am wisdom as you are.

Quietly I listen now,
Hearing in me perfect truth.
I receive the word I seek,
Thinking now at one with you.

(3) When to speak and what to say,
All of this I clearly see.
Where to go along my way,
Everything is here in me.

(5) Lovingly I now release
All confusion, fear and doubt.
(3) They are gone and I’m at peace,
Knowing what to carry out.

(4) Thank you, bless-ed voice of all,
Loving, knowing, guiding light,
Flowing like a waterfall,
Never ending, day or night.

(5) I have asked and I receive
That which I have sought to know.
I release this into law,
Where it manifests and flows.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

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