The Rewards of Error

Why is it that when something is “wrong,” we get more attention?

Think about it. On a large scale, we have causes we support. But these causes are generally based on what we see as wrong:
* Disabilities awareness
* Breast cancer awareness
* Low-income housing
* Debt reduction

Now, I’m not saying these things are bad. That would put me in error consciousness too! I’m simply questioning our motivations. Why do we have breast cancer awareness? Because we don’t want breast cancer. Why low-income housing? Because we accept that some people lack income, and we don’t want that.

But, as I always say, focusing on what you don’t want, brings you more of what you don’t want!

So, instead of breast cancer awareness or fighting the disease (dis-ease), choose something positive. If we don’t want breast cancer, what do we want? Healthy women! So now we have healthy women awareness.

My point is, we seem to live in a paradigm that provides only when something is wrong. If you have a disability, for instance, there are agencies that pay for certain things, provide equipment, etc. But what if you’re perfectly healthy, or becoming aware of the perfect health that’s your true divine right? Who is rewarding you with things that make life easier?

This really brings home why many people hold onto their physical ailments. For example, if I weren’t blind, I wouldn’t have ___… That’s called secondary gain. You don’t really want to be blind, but you stay that way, because maybe consciously – and definitely unconsciously – you get good stuff. You think, you only get those things because you’re blind. If you let go of the blindness, you would not have other material things.

Really? Is that true? Think about it and come to your own conclusion!

I use blindness and breast cancer just as examples. It works the same way with income. The scenario goes:

I don’t have money. So, I get on a special housing list. Sure, I have to wait a long time, might have unpleasant neighbors, etc. But I get this special housing, because I don’t have lots of money.

If I did have lots of money, there goes my housing. There goes my free health insurance. There goes ___… There goes the neighborhood!

What can we do about this? Again, I always say this because it’s true: Your only business, is your own consciousness! So start there. The next time you support a cause, ask yourself why. Bring yourself to a place where you feel good, through laughter, inspirational reading, music, walking, meditation or anything that works for you. Then, ask yourself if you can still, in that good consciousness, support that particular cause.

You have a choice! If the answer within you is no, you can still support it if you choose. Or, you can choose something in alignment with your inner being.

As encouragement and appreciation for right-thinking, good consciousness, expanding awareness, and spiritual awakening, I’m starting a new scarf distribution program! Stay tuned for details – and if you feel like it’s the most natural thing in the world, please join me!

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