The Instrument – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 6

Because the world needs cheering,
A wind harp I will be,
That vibrates with the beauty
Of God’s own melody.

No inharmonious thinking
Must ever mar the chords.
My task is just the tuning:
The music is the Lord’s.
–Dorothy A. Stickell
From Music of the Soul (pdf)

What is a wind harp? Before moving on it’s important to know something about this intriguing instrument. In this video the wind harp makes the sound of singing – a little like a crystal singing bowl, but playing more than one note.

As you can see, the wind itself plays this instrument. Others can be mounted in windows, so they play when the wind blows by. But no human contact is needed to play this harp, and it’s truly a beautiful instrument.

Now, think about each of us being a wind harp. What is our task in life? According to the poem, we vibrate with the beauty of God’s melody. We tune ourselves to positive vibrations, thus creating harmony in our thoughts, words and actions. This tuning is our only job.

What? Tuning is our job? Yes, tuning our vibration, our frequency, our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. But tuning to what? To the Spirit of God – of good – within us. It’s always there, but we’re not required to tune to it. We have free will. We’re welcome to choose inharmonious thinking! But once we realize how negative thoughts manifest in our lives, why would we knowingly choose them?

Our purpose is to tune ourselves to the highest vibration we can feel at any moment. Some times will be higher than others, and that’s ok. Our only task is to have the best tuning we can.

Do your best and the Lord’s music will play through you.

What is the Lord’s music? It doesn’t belong to some being outside us somewhere. In metaphysics the Lord is the Presence, Power, Peace and Beauty within. It’s the Spirit and the highest consciousness that creates us, and that we tap into to create ourselves. This “lord” is not something looking down on us. It/He is within us.

The Lord’s music is really our true music. This is such a simple and profound poem, that I’m going to leave it at that!

In this final session of Poetry and Prayers of Unity, we also discussed 2 of my poems. I’m going to give them their own posts, to link their readings and recordings. Stay tuned for those! They continue the theme of each person being an instrument tuned to positive vibrations.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

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