Prayer for Protection – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 2

This is the second of two very widely published poems by Unity’s Poet Laureate James Dillet Freeman. It also explains why he is called “Poet Laureate to the Moon.” Along with “I Am There,” a copy of this prayer was left on the moon by Apollo astronauts. 🙂

The Prayer for Protection is well-known and loved by people of all faiths, religions and belief systems. Remember that Jim Freeman’s work was not only published by Unity. This affirms the universal truth of his writing.

Prayer for Protection – Contemplations

No questions here, just personal observations… My intention is that you will read the prayer and find its personal meaning to you.

We discussed in the live class that each line is an affirmation. These affirmations start general – we all basically accept that “The light of God surrounds me,” etc.

However, about the time we come to “The Mind of God guides me,” it gets more personal. Had Freeman started the prayer with this line, it probably would not have been as effective. People wouldn’t have been able to relate to a blanket statement, “The Mind of God guides me.” But with the foundation of the more general affirmations, already knowing they are true, the conscious mind accepts this one more easily. It’s as if Freeman is preparing the mind to “go all the way” to feeling the truth of Spirit/God’s presence. These affirmations are a tool for the conscious mind to get used to the Truth.

We talked a lot about “The laws of God direct me.” These laws are universal, rather than human laws, religious laws of any kind, or even things we culturally accept to be morally “right.” God’s laws are love, good, truth, beauty – because these are what God is. Call it the law of attraction, law of mind, law of love… It’s all the same law, and it’s all God’s laws.

Are you truly directed by man-made laws? No! If you choose to be, you can be directed by the laws of God. You can also choose to ignore them, but they are still at work. The thing is, if you choose to work with them, using your creative power in harmony with God’s laws, you will manifest/experience good in your life. If you choose to ignore the laws, or don’t know how to use them for the highest good, you will likely experience negativity.

As a result, it’s a powerful affirmation to say and feel, that “The laws of God direct me.”

“The power of God abides within me.” We know this in metaphysics. But how often do we feel it? Again, I find it no coincidence that this affirmation appears where it does. If we started with this, it could have less impact. But as we’ve already accepted so many truths, we can’t help but accept this one as well. God’s power is within you.

The next 3 lines expand on the power of God by also affirming that we have God’s joy, strength and beauty. “Under circumstances” – though I have no idea why we’re under there! – we sometimes feel anything but joy, strength and beauty. So to affirm we have them, in prayer and meditation, brings them to mind when we need them in life. The more we practice this, the better we feel and the better our lives reflect it.

And the big one: “Wherever I am, God is!” ‘Nuff said!

I recommend meditating on this prayer. At Unity we say it every Sunday. But as rituals can, sometimes it becomes a habit, and we no longer feel what we’re saying. I encourage each of us to feel this prayer, to make it real for ourselves, and to make it part of our accepted core beliefs.

As always, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me!

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