Stash Reduction: Good? Bad? Metaphysical?

“I’m selling this because I need to reduce my stash.”

“My husband/partner/significant other is complaining this takes up too much room, so out it goes.”

“I’m moving and need to downsize, so this has to go.”

“I’m selling because I need the money.”

“I don’t use this as much as I thought I would (or should).”

Ok, I admit it. I regularly check yarn and craft related sites. Why? For blessed bargains, of course! 😀 And for other reasons…

I read postings for things I don’t want, use or desire in any way, just to get a glimpse of the spirit in which people are selling things. Over and over, I see variations of the quotes above.

Is this good? Bad? I choose to say no, it is neither good, nor bad. But it is metaphysical. Here’s how I see it.

Stash reduction, by its very name (notice I didn’t say nature!), implies that you have too much stuff. Who engages in this mysterious thing called stash reduction? People who think they need to get rid of something, who feel bad for having what they have, and/or who want something else (money?) and think they can get it, by giving up what they have now.

So first off, stash reduction needs a new name. But what? How about flex and flow? This way the cycle can be more positive.

I have ___. It no longer serves me. So it’s time for ___ to move on. It’s time for me to move on too, and receive something else.

In metaphysics we know that nothing can live in a vacuum. There must always be ebb and flow, giving and receiving, expansion and contraction, in and out… In short, there is always evolution. Or, change is constant.

It is our belief about, and reaction to that change that we’re addressing here. Why are the people above reducing their stashes? For fear/lack-based reasons. Fear of not having enough space, making someone else mad (as if we can really do that!) by having material things, a belief in lack of money and/or space, and even lack of self-worth.

What? How do I get that? Well, if you think you don’t use something as much as you thought you should, that’s a judgment. And basically, it’s a judgment that the thing (whatever you’re selling) deserves better than you’re giving it.

Also, let’s return to the “others” who share our space. They complain to us that we have too much stuff, they don’t see us using that ___, and we feel bad. We feel bad, because somewhere within us, we believe they’re right. We feel guilty for having what we have, feel stifled by our belief that other people and their stuff deserve to occupy the space we’re using, and so we react. We react by getting rid of our manifestations, thereby (we think) giving them more space.

And yet: they always find something new to complain about, don’t they! This is their work, their problem. Not ours.

So to recap: Stash reduction is hereby known as flex and flow! We get something, we use it, and when we feel darn good and ready, we evolve to something else. “Logical reasons” for selling stuff hold no water here. The important thing, as always, is our mindset. Truly, why are we selling/getting rid of things? If it’s out of love and we can do it with only good feelings, more power to us! If it’s out of anything less than great feelings, don’t act.

We were each created with the powers of wisdom, peace, discernment and evolution. So we can seek guidance from within, even in what seem to be small things, like which yarn and tools to keep, and which to pass on.

The better you feel, the better it gets! So give from a good-feeling place, and you will be enriched, even as the stuff around you changes!

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