The Weaver’s Prayer

I meditate and pray every day. For me, meditation is listening, and prayer is talking. This affirmative, sometimes funny, and always true prayer is what came through my prayer time today. I have to say, I’m glad I actually wrote this one down, because it can be very amusing!

Oh God, I thank you for yarn! You are the yarn, You are the loom, You are everything! Heck, can I say that to You?, You are the weaver! You are Me! And I am You! And so, knowing this, I consciously adjoin myself with You, at the hip, like a Siamese cat, I mean twin, and declare: I am one with my Creator!

In this oneness, I know I can do all things that are mine to do. I know I can enjoy all things. I know I can hope all things. And I know I can believe all things. That’s what Love does. And since You are Love, that’s what You do. As I am one with You, that’s what I do, too. Love never fails. So, I never fail, because You never fail, and You are in me!

So back to the yarn, thanks for being the yarn. Thanks for being the loom. Thanks for being me, and for giving me these tools that I so enjoy using to create more manifestations of–You guessed it!–You!

God, I wonder what these manifestations create? Does a handwoven have a divine purpose? I know that it does. But I can hear people say no, it’s “just” handwoven. Or “just a scarf” or whatever it appears to be. But isn’t that the key word? Appears? Just because a handwoven object may appear as no more than what we call it, that doesn’t make that all it is.

Handwovens are You. Even though the knitters won out, because the Bible translators say, “You knit me together in my mother’s womb,” You, oh weaving God, could have just as easily, and maybe more easily, woven me together in my mother’s womb! And I bet You did, too!

So about the appearance, I do believe, with Your guidance, that each handwoven thing I have a hand in weaving, has a divine purpose all its own. It is not just my purpose for making the thing, but Your purpose for creating the thing through me. I give thanks for their purposes, for mine, and for Yours! I affirm that I will live out my purpose with Your help, making manifest Your glory. And I will do whatever is my part so that the handwovens I joyously create with You, will be their highest selves and live out their divine purpose.

For this commitment and realization, this day and every day, I give You thanks! And so it is!

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