Nothing is Insignificant

“Nothing is insignificant.” This stirred me deeply when I read it recently. I took it as a comfort, although I understand how it could seem threatening… Uh-oh, if nothing is insignificant, that means everything is significant, and so I’d better be mindful of what I say, do, and most of all – think!

And indeed, we’d better!

This statement came to me when I was feeling unappreciated, overwhelmed, and inadequate, among other things. (Not a yummy soup…) Like few things have, it pulled me right out of that mindset. But why?

Because it spoke to my core beliefs. “Nothing is insignificant.” Everything I feel is important. And everything I feel will attract something back to me. We know in metaphysics, that like attracts like. In this way we can better understand the truth in this statement. Every thought, every feeling, every word and action, will attract SOMETHING back to us. That’s it in a nutshell.

The question is, what kind of SOMETHING do we want? More unappreciated-ness? More overwhelm? None for me, thanks!

When we want something other than what we have, we need to realize that what we have, is significant. It’s no more, or less, important than what we want. So, first we need to accept where we are.

Then, we focus on what we want. Not how we’ll get there! That’s the Universe’s, or God’s job! Our focus and vibration are significant. Our true self-image, dominant thoughts, and true emotions are things that make up our vibration. And our vibration is what attracts people, circumstances, things and events.

Your vibration is significant. It is the soup made up of your thoughts, beliefs, self-image, and still more. Is the soup good overall? If it’s not, shift your vibration with something that’s easy for you. Listen to music, take a walk, hug someone, pet a favorite animal, say hello to a stranger, call an old friend. Pray. Meditate.

Allow your significance as a co-creator with God to sink into your mind and heart, reminding you that truly, nothing is insignificant, including you!

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