Space Education

I’m taking a ride in a hot air balloon!
I left in September to come back in June.
I learn a whole lot, and I don’t go to school!
It’s fun and it’s awesome, so totally cool!

I fly through the sunshine, the wind, and the frost.
I sing with the birds, and I know all the flocks.
I float everywhere, but I’m paying the cost,
Because: I am free! And that is why I am lost.*

*–Franz Kafka

Amaya hosts “Kafka for Kids” at

8 thoughts on “Space Education

  1. Wow, great joy in being lost! I don’t believe I have ever been, nor will ever be, so carefree in knowing I am lost. My orientation to my environment, both physical and spiritual, has always been important to know. I’m glad you wrote about this quote, as it was one I was drawn to, as well. Except for the last line or two, your story could be the raison d’être of the unschooling movement.

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