James Dillet Freeman – Poetry and Prayers of Unity Week 1

We started off Poetry and Prayers of Unity with Unity’s best-known poet, James Dillet Freeman. This week’s poems were “God Bless your Birthday,” as a member celebrated her birthday, “How do I find what Life’s About?” and the classic “I Am There.”

James Dillet Freeman Biography

This link will take you to a PDF document of a Unity publication called Music of the Soul. You will need Adobe Reader or another PDF-accessible program to read it. Music of the Soul

“God Bless your Birthday” – Contemplation Questions

After reading “God Bless your Birthday” in Music of the Soul, think about your own answers to these questions.

1. Would you send this poem to someone you love, without altering it? Is there anything here you would not wish for someone?

2. Do you see any references to getting old, giving up, negative changes, etc?

3. What feeling do you have when reading this poem?

4. Would you like to receive this poem on your birthday? How would you feel after receiving it? What would you do as a result of that feeling?

5. Do any words or lines stand out to you in this poem? For me especially “smilestone in eternity>’

“How do I find what Life’s About?” – Contemplation Questions

Find this poem on Jim’s bio page, linked above. After reading it, think about your answers to these questions.

1. Did you sense the meaning right away, or did you get carried away by the rhythm and rhyme of the poem?

2. What could you “venture farther out” from?

3. What do we often do when “something in me is not content”? I.e. suppress it, think something is wrong, etc?

4. Is something wrong when something in us isn’t content? Do we have a right to follow it and see where it leads?

5. What does it mean to you to hear “Something affirms that I am meant for more?” How do you feel knowing, or trying on the belief, that this is true?

6. How can we “fly?” What does it mean to you to fly in life?

7. Do you feel that “venture farther out” from line 2, and “going beyond the edge of things” from line 7, are related? How so? Or why not?

8. A basic metaphysical principle is in the lines about wings. Think about what it means to you, to have wings “being mainly in the mind.”

9. What “more” can be found in you, from the last line?

I Am There – Contemplation Questions

Read this poem on Jim’s bio page above, or the Prayer section of www.unity.org.

This is one of the most powerful metaphysical poems I’ve ever read. And it’s not just me! 🙂 This poem has been left on the moon, distributed through publications and on CD through Unity, and read by billions of people. Inspiring, comforting and meditative, I ask that you meditate on “I Am There” if you feel lead.

1. What is the “I am” in this poem?

2. How do you feel knowing that an invisible power sees, hears and feels through you?

3. What is the “self” we must get beyond, and later “get yourself out of the way,” in order to know the “I am?”

4. How can we know this presence?

5. Even in denial, fears, pain, loneliness and lack of prayer – this presence is there. Knowing this presence is only good, how does that make you feel?

6. Why do you think the presence has faith in us? To me, it is because we are its creations, and Spirit/God/Universe would not create something unless it knew that creation was good. I.e. all creations are good because they all come from and are made of the presence. Therefore, Presence must have faith in us. What an affirmation: God has faith in me!

7. Just an observation… How powerful to be called Spirit’s beloved! Who says that…? We get honey, sweetheart, love, dear, blah blah blah… And from other people. But to be the Beloved of the Universe? And not just be it, because you are, but when you truly feel that… Now there’s a partner!

This poem, to me, is an intellectual exercise. I don’t know what James Dillet Freeman thought when he wrote it. Technically, it could have ended at the beginning: “Do you need Me? I am there.” End of story.

But because we have a personal/ego mind that holds onto things, gets obsessive at times, and needs to be convinced, Freeman goes on. He offers so many affirmations, aspects and descriptions of the I Am, that by the end of the poem, your “logical” conscious mind can’t help but be convinced that, yes, this is Truth. This is why I highly recommend meditating on this poem!

We had a lot of great discussion on all 3 of these poems! I tried here to offer the basics of that. However, as I said in class, especially with “I Am There,” we need to experience God ourselves. Others can, as I intend to, hold the space and know others’ good. However, getting your own personal feeling of God, when you can know, with or without words, that “This” is the Presence, that’s what I believe metaphysics is about. Not intellectual understanding, etc, but about feeling, and thereby experiencing a better life, because you know God.

If you have any comments, questions or other feedback, please send a message using the contact page. Thank you for participating!

Live Class: Poetry and Prayers of Unity

Beginning tonight, Thursday, 1/10/13, I will be teaching a live class at Unity of Reading.

The poetry and prayers of Unity are well-known throughout New Thought, metaphysics and in general. However, sometimes they become so habitual that we don’t stop to feel what they mean when we say or read them. This class is part poetry appreciation, part meditation, part contemplation and discussion of what the poems and prayers mean. We will discuss what the author meant, or may have meant in writing them, and what they mean to us as individuals and as a spiritual community.

Poetry and Prayers of Unity will be held from 7:00-8:30 p.m, beginning tonight and every Thursday for 6 weeks. The last week will be 2/14/13. Handouts will be provided.

Can’t make it? Discovering this after the fact? No problem! I will not copy others’ poems here, to honor copyright laws. However, I will link to online sources where available. If you want the interaction of the live class, please comment here or contact me via the navbar link, and I’ll see about setting up a forum for this!

I look forward to hearing from you, either in person or online!

Shine your Light! Prize #3

There’s just one day left to submit comments for the Shine your Light! Giveaway! Comments will be closed on the evening of January 6, 2013.

Here are the prizes:
1. Double-knit Doll
2. And so it Is! vol. 1 Mp3 Album Download

The last prize is a customized handwoven scarf, in “the spirit” – if you will – of my Spirit Reminder Scarf.

You choose 2 colors that symbolize Goddess, God, Spirit, Universe, Truth, higher consciousness, etc. to you, and also the length and width of the scarf. I weave it, including any specific positive intentions you have. Feel free to ask me for support in choosing the intentions! Then, I send it and you wear, use and enjoy it as you see fit – for anything from meditation to keeping warm to wearing as an accessory to an outfit. 🙂

You are a psycho-physical unit. So, your mind affects your body, and your body affects your mind. I believe that our clothes, tools, food and other materials also affect us with their energy. We can choose a positive effect, and that’s what I intend to do by offering this scarf.

Comment away! That’s all you need to do to win one of these prizes!

Goodness – Affirmative Prayer

I recognize that there is one life. That life is God’s life. And that life is my life now. I recognize that I am that life. I am life itself. And life is good. Therefore, I am good, and all my life experience is good. I see good in everything, and everything I see is good! God in me sees good in all, because all is from God, and God is only good. Therefore, Good is all I can ever see. I am good, because God as me is good, now and always, Therefore, I, the good, see good in my world, because my world, also of God, is only good! I am grateful for the good that is me, the good that is God, the good that is my life itself, the good that is each thing in my life, the good that is my every life experience! I give thanks for the ability to feel grateful and blessed with good things! I know that Good, and God is all there is. This I know, this I vibrate, and this I attract. I believe it is so! And so it is!

Best wishes!

I usually share original material on peaceweaving. Today I’ve chosen a song and a meditation by others, that speak to me.

Ticket to Heaven by Ruth Barrett sings my wish for myself and everyone. Though written as a Pagan/Wiccan song, it is truly about peace, love and light to all.

The meditation is internationally known. World Healing Meditation by John Randolph Price has been read on 12/31 throughout the world since 1986 – when I was 2 years old. 🙂 I read it for the first time on 12/31/12 and have chosen to read it each morning for 21 days total. I’m not sure if anyone else does this, and for me it’s a reminder of how I want to start, and continue, 2013 and every year.

My wishes for every creation – that means you! – are for peace of mind, love in heart, joy in spirit, health in body and inner happiness manifest in the physical world!

Bless’d be!