Goodness – Affirmative Prayer

I recognize that there is one life. That life is God’s life. And that life is my life now. I recognize that I am that life. I am life itself. And life is good. Therefore, I am good, and all my life experience is good. I see good in everything, and everything I see is good! God in me sees good in all, because all is from God, and God is only good. Therefore, Good is all I can ever see. I am good, because God as me is good, now and always, Therefore, I, the good, see good in my world, because my world, also of God, is only good! I am grateful for the good that is me, the good that is God, the good that is my life itself, the good that is each thing in my life, the good that is my every life experience! I give thanks for the ability to feel grateful and blessed with good things! I know that Good, and God is all there is. This I know, this I vibrate, and this I attract. I believe it is so! And so it is!


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