True Story

I bustled away
from table today,
confronting a matter of mind…
Whatever forgot
I sought on the spot,
relaxing and tea undermined.

On later return
the table emerged,
my hunger and thirst unprepared…
Forsaken repast
and teatime had passed.
So ghostly, I toasted despair!

Quite a Quadrille for Kim’s “ghost” prompt at
Join us! It’s amazing what you can do with 44 words!

8 thoughts on “True Story

  1. You’re not kidding it’s amazing what you can do with 44 words! And I mean you, Crystal. Love everything about this (except missing tea time, or a tee time for that matter!) The meter and rhythm are solid and the rhyme works to tell the tale.


  2. I spoke your quadrille loud and thought, I was longing for a good and relaxed tea time, maybe with some delicious toast…but then realized, my idea was just a ghost.
    Oh, could despair taste like bitter-sweet orange marmalade on my toast…

    Very fine poem and beautiful sound,
    Many greetings from the Karfunkel Fairy from Germany


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