Shattered Heart

My shattered heart rains pieces on all who dare to touch it.
Broken by dreams, doubts, dread, and the debris of drama.
Taken by love, life, loads, burdens, and by laughter.
All who dare to touch my heart shatter it,
Breaking it open like the clouds that bring Spring rains,
Only to leave the brilliant sun in their wake…
My shattered heart rains pieces on all who dare to touch it…
Pieces of love, blessed by tears, strengthened by sorrow, eroded by extraordinary miracles
Of life!

My prose poem for Franks prompt at



Lost Heart

11 thoughts on “Shattered Heart

    • No matter the form here — I really enjoyed this read. Count this as my comment please as I had to interject here and indicate the power of this post, regardless of the form. “drama debris”….there is so so much meaning packed into those two words!


  1. The lines were long like those Gibran wrote, so this could qualify as prose poetry, but it does raise the question whether something is prose poetry if the author does not think it is. I liked the idea in your poem that suggests that the heart should shatter so the sun can shine in its wake. I also like the idea that “extraordinary miracles of life” can “erode” the shattered heart’s pieces.


  2. I heard a quote once that said (paraphrasing) if your life should break into a thousand pieces, you should pick up one of the pieces and start over. Touching someone with a piece of your life doesn’t seem to me to be a bad thing, Crystal! Neither does this piece of prose poetry!


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