Two Clerihews

Yogi Bear, for a pic-i-nic basket,
Always took and didn’t ask it.
He saved ol’ Jellystone, I heard;
So guess “forgiven!” is the word!

Pippi, Anne Shirley, Annie so free;
The red heads take the cake, you see.
But they are quite a feisty lot.
I ought to know – red hair I got!

Written for
(for better or worse…) Clerihew prompt. Please read the others! Many amazing poems over there that do the form justice!


You have known the choke hold of fear,
Tomb of depression,
Volcano of rage,
Maze of mind and feelings.

You have tasted, recoiled;
Touched, rejected;
Seen, disbelieved;
Heard, misunderstood;
Smelled, flinched.

Awaken, remember:
I am the Opener
Of pathways unknown to you!
Know Me!

A Quadrille in response to Victoria’s “open” prompt at

Love Fully

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. O you can love my body,
But you are missing much.
‘Cause I am more than everything
You see and hear and touch.

Love fully,
The aspects and the whole.
Love freely,
Body, mind and soul.

2. And you can love my intellect
For all I understand.
But even that is limited;
It isn’t who I am.

3. O you can love my soul,
And how I wish you would!
But all alone it’s nothing
Except in God the Good!

And don’t you worry if it seems too hard to do now,
‘Cause only God can make Agape love shine through now.
Seek the kingdom deep in you,
And you’ll come to see it too.
May your love reflect the truth!

So you love fully,
All your aspects and the whole.
Love freely,
Love your body, mind and soul.

‘Cause only then
Can you reach out your hand
And love others fully,
The aspects and the whole.
Love them freely,
Body, mind and soul.

Love freely,
Body, mind and soul.


It Behooves Me

Come look at all my rowdy friends
That ripple through the grass!
They walk and trot and canter hard,
But they will let you pass.
For horses, ponies, donkeys, goats,
A unicorn and mule;
They’re gentle, but remember…
All my rowdy friends be hooved!*

A Quadrille (44-word poem) written because it’s fun, and I like the form and the rowdy friends I don’t actually have.

*The proper word is “hoofed.” But it ruins the whole poem, so let’s disregard that for a moment, thanks!

Ultimate Wish

I used to wish for things
And buy them when I could,
But found out that the tools
Don’t make the living good.

Creating all I want
And learning something more,
The skills have served me well,
But life was still a chore…

At last I looked within,
Expecting darkest space:
But found instead the Light
Beyond this time and place.

It’s hard sometimes to calm
When problems need a fix;
The mind does loops and swirls,
Up to so many tricks.

We try and try to force
And everything to solve.
Yet there is only Power
In knowing peace and love.

What’s this to do with wishes?
I never ask for more
Than being the potential
That shimmers at my core.

All things that I could hope for,
Could want or ever be
Are manifest already;
I only wish to see!

My response to Mish’s wonderful prompt at

I’ve done enough wishful thinking in my life, and it’s never measured up. I don’t regret it, but now do my best to let Universal Intelligence “think” through me and not to rest all my hope and expectations on material things – ore people!


I have never seen the stars, but know them by their light. I feel their sparkles shimmer in my mind as I lift my face to the sky. I’m told that they are falling or passing on their way. So I enjoy their shining pinpoints – different from the day.

gosamer threads spun
with no thought for their short lives
stars and spiders know

A haibun in response to Toni’s “night sky” prompt at

It’s not the first time I’ve written about stars, but the first I’ve been aware of not actually seeing them. Like so many other things, I feel them – that is all, and that is enough.

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How you Play the Game

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. I don’t know who said it;
If you do, please tell me so.
Now here’s a bit of truth, just the same.
Through all our daily living,
As we come and go,
It’s not whether you win or lose
But how you play the game.

2. How amazing is it
That the little bit we think
Determines all the choices that we make!
Keep a tally, good or bad,
But here’s the missing link.
It’s not whether you win or lose
But how you play the game.

3. Every day you’re working,
See the Light in you,
And kindle it to spark a bigger flame.
Pass it on to people
By being kind and true.
It’s not whether you win or lose
But how you play the game.
Refrain: (Twice)

[So] play the game with love as your currency
And peace as the company you keep.
Move with your mind on eternity,
And don’t forget to rest before you sleep,
Put everything to rest before you sleep.

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How You Play the Game – Ukulele Mp3.



Labor of Love