Ultimate Wish

I used to wish for things
And buy them when I could,
But found out that the tools
Don’t make the living good.

Creating all I want
And learning something more,
The skills have served me well,
But life was still a chore…

At last I looked within,
Expecting darkest space:
But found instead the Light
Beyond this time and place.

It’s hard sometimes to calm
When problems need a fix;
The mind does loops and swirls,
Up to so many tricks.

We try and try to force
And everything to solve.
Yet there is only Power
In knowing peace and love.

What’s this to do with wishes?
I never ask for more
Than being the potential
That shimmers at my core.

All things that I could hope for,
Could want or ever be
Are manifest already;
I only wish to see!

My response to Mish’s wonderful prompt at

I’ve done enough wishful thinking in my life, and it’s never measured up. I don’t regret it, but now do my best to let Universal Intelligence “think” through me and not to rest all my hope and expectations on material things – ore people!

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Wish

  1. Ah.. yes.. noW..
    greaTest wish
    alWays fulfilled..
    prEsent oF now..
    fully seen
    and felt
    Heaven now..
    for me too.. alWays..
    MoVinG.. CoNneCtinG
    CreaTinG FReED.. most
    everything else in culture is
    only free muse for that to use
    the devil you already kNow for pleaSure too..
    iS Victory iN dArkESt liGht oF oTheRs.. sAdly STiLL..:)


  2. Wow….lovely. And it throws me back to the wisdom and writing of Rollo May, in his “Courage to Create”. That potential, that creativity burns within…undaunted. It’s just ours to find and believe.
    Love this….great, guiding, philosophy.



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