Opening (Butterfly Song)

When I started these lyrics in 2011, they contained the verses of
Remember (The LOA Song).
There they stayed, and I often use that song in concerts and workshops based on the Law of Attraction.

The verses heard here were written in 2012, and the third verse and music just this week. Even a song goes on a journey! So how much more do we! May your journey be one of constant opening!

Opening – Lyrics

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. Your experience now
Was created before.
Your thinking and feeling
Have only brought more.
A new understanding
Can even the score
And let in the life
You deserve and adore!

2. By changing the inside,
Improve what you get.
Enjoy what you have,
And let go of the rest.
The Universe carries you
Every step,
Supplying your needs.
So have faith! You are blessed!

3. Your thinking and feeling
Are not all there is.
A Power much higher
Inspires your bliss.
In every detail
You believe is amiss,
Hear Love softly calling you
Deeper than this!

So sweet,
Like the butterfly you find release.

Reach within yourself and feel the opening, contented,
The broken wing, now mended.
Soar in harmony and peace!
As deep within yourself you feel the lightening, astounding,
The brightening, surrounding,
And like the butterfly you find release.


Be the Butterfly!
The Butterfly Effect and You!

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