You have known the choke hold of fear,
Tomb of depression,
Volcano of rage,
Maze of mind and feelings.

You have tasted, recoiled;
Touched, rejected;
Seen, disbelieved;
Heard, misunderstood;
Smelled, flinched.

Awaken, remember:
I am the Opener
Of pathways unknown to you!
Know Me!

A Quadrille in response to Victoria’s “open” prompt at

19 thoughts on “Opener

  1. A powerful piece. Love all the verbs in the second stanza that cover so much emotion and story…and in the end, you still manage to give us inspiration and hope, all in 44 words.


  2. Fear IS A source of all weakness..
    stress.. and human diSease..
    Fear.. IS A enemy oF aLL
    that is liGht..
    and without
    lighT we live
    in DArk.. as liGht
    is pro-social emoTions
    and seNses and dArk is
    An adversary oF liGht.. Now..
    Vs.. alWays Strength noW for
    no regrets wiTh free as liGhT is Home..
    for LIFE as liVinG up now rather than down..
    and yes.. the first step is to take another now..
    in a different
    to create
    liGht over once
    what was dARk
    iN Straight lines of priSon..:)


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