Time for Lettin’ Go

All earthly relationships end. Whether through death, divorce or breakup, a move or other situation, all relationships reach a point where they no longer exist as they did before. In effect, it’s the end of the world as we knew it. This change and letting go is often difficult. Here is a song to acknowledge that, and recognize that our only lasting relationship is with the Spirit of God within.

Time for Lettin’ Go – Lyrics

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

1. We ran a race as partners, you and I.
We cheered each other onward through the marathon of life.
We felt the wins and losses, and with every one we tried
To do our best, and leave the rest, and take the race in stride.

And it’s been fun, ya know.
A really great run, ya know.
We’ve laughed a lot and hit the spot
And learned to love and grow.
And it’s been real, ya know.
A mighty good deal, ya know.
And even though the teardrops flow,
It’s time for lettin’ go.

2. We came up short together, you and I.
We started out so strong, but hit the wall a couple times.
We bandaged up the scrapes of failed attempts and foolish pride.
We did our best, and passed the test; we’re moving with the tide.

3. We’re standing at the finish, you and I.
We cut the final ribbon, and the gate is open wide.
With every step we each will take, the Spirit is our guide.
We do our best, and ever blessed, we find the strength inside.

Even though I love you so,
It’s time for lettin’ go.
All because I love you so,
It’s time for lettin’ go.

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