Duality Hymn (The Yin-yang Song)

The yin-yang, or yin and yang,
is a symbol of seeming opposites being present in each other, the way that God-Presence, Lifeforce, Cosmic Consciousness, or Spirit is present in all aspects of life.

Duality Hymn – Lyrics

Instrument: Eventide – Mahogany Concert Ukulele

1. We feel alone in the darkness,
Trapped in a mind bleak and still.
We cannot see through the forest;
We cannot feel through the chill.
Yet there is Light here inside us;
There is calm in the storm.
A gentle hand cools a fever;
The very same keeps us warm.

2. There is a Power in the darkness,
Creator, God, Life of All.
And there is no separation;
No lifting up, and no fall.
For in the midst of the torment,
God is infinite Sight.
And there is Oneness in knowing;
Outside of feeling and time.

3. We feel alone in the darkness,
But when we know and be still,
We feel the warmth of the Spirit;
The Law of Love is fulfilled.
For the Eternal is Wholeness
Within all of Its parts,
And keeping infinite Order
In every life that It sparks.


Universe in You