Are You Sick?: Healing Consciousness Revisited

For those who have not read
Are You Sick?: Healing Consciousness,
it’s all about how our thoughts create our experience. The following insights come from experiencing mystical oneness, while the previous post was from a Unity or New Thought background only. For ease of reading, this is structured like a Q&A.

Q: Am I sick?

A: Ultimately, you are not sick. You are whole and well.

You are a creation, an expression of God. Made in the Universal image of Love, your Highest Self (God Self) cannot be sick. Recognizing sickness is a product of the personal ego, the human mind that tries to create your life. This is the mind that “thinks” and therefore acts, like it is separate from God.

In reality, there is no separation from God. God is all things, and is within all things. This includes you, a beloved, unique creation. You are God in expression, manifestation, or “the Word made flesh.” You are a miniature version of the Universe, but a whole Universe nonetheless, a microcosm of the macrocosm.

This is why consciousness, or awareness, is the only thing that can truly be healed. When your consciousness is healed, made whole and reminded of its oneness with God, the experience of sickness loses focus. It doesn’t matter anymore; all you know is the Love that you are. Any healing that takes place is because the God-Mind awareness is working through you.

Q: Do I create my life?

A: Again, no. God-Presence creates and sustains every life.

The personal ego is an amazing thing. It believes, as in many New Thought traditions, that “Thinking makes it so.” In fact, this was the premise of my previous post. It is a story, and one that many people identify and resonate with. However, it is not the whole story. In truth, I’m not giving you the whole story here, either! God reveals Truth to us, only as far as the soul is ready.

God-Presence, at the center of your being, is what creates your life. Your experience of this life, however, is often dominated by your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, conscious and subconscious memories, and many levels deeper than the everyday waking human mind.

In addition, the law of cause and effect, or karma, is at work, keeping Universal harmony and balance in your life, and all lives. This means you may not realize the consequences of your vibration, made up of your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and so on. But God, First Cause and Knower of all things, creates and maintains balance in your life.

When this means receiving payback for something, that’s what we get. We usually see this as negative, and sickness falls into this category. However, it’s important to remember that sickness is only an effect, that it can be responded to positively and spiritually, and that it can be sublimated. I.e. you can move on from it.

Q: So how do I get rid of this sickness?

A: By seeking first…

Because physical illness is so obvious to us, we tend to focus on it. It’s all we think about, learn about, talk about, and it affects every aspect of our lives. We need to exercise Spirit’s compassion when coping with our own or anyone else’s sickness. Ultimately, it is not real, lasting, or permanent, in an eternal, infinite, mystical sense. However, it seems real right now, and all we want to do is get it over with.

The only way to move beyond anything, is to leave the state of consciousness where it exists. And the only way to change your mind, is to change your Mind! That is, the closer your personal connection to God-within, your own spiritual Source as you relate to it, the closer you are to an experience of Love, oneness, and health.

You may need to take physical actions to restore health. But only the God-Presence within you, can tell you what those actions are and when to take them.

How do you become healthy? Know the God, or Kingdom of Heaven, within yourself, first. And as the Christ Mind in Jesus said, “All these things shall be added unto you.” But only after you seek within!

Q: Where do my thoughts fit in?

A: Thoughts are things; thoughts are tools.

Your thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs are often what impact your experience. They can make or break your perceptions of your life. But if God is Creator, what role do your thoughts play?

Your thoughts are tools. You can leave them undirected, letting the limited human mind run wild with them. But if you’re reading this, you probably realize that doesn’t serve you very well.

Remember that personal connection to God-within? The closer you are, the more open you are to God-Mind guiding, directing, and “thinking” through you.

Here’s the difference: The personal ego thinks it does things for you. God-Mind works through you, for the highest good of all.

The more you meditate, the more your thoughts, feelings, and experiences reflect God-Mind. More accurately, the more you seek God, the more you realize that God flows through you.

This is not God finding you, or you finding God. This kind of seeking, is discovering what is already within you. Remember that you are not separate from God, no matter what your experiences tell you. God-Mind is, was, and always will be present at your center, even long before and after this physical lifetime.

Q: Is this an intellectual exercise?

A: No! Mysticism in its purest form, is not about someone trying to explain mysticism to you. Mysticism is your ultimate oneness with All that Is.

You cannot understand this with your mind alone. The mind that earned your grades, does your job, tells you how to drive, remembers songs – this is not the tool to understand mysticism. And it is not the ultimate tool in restoring health. Only God-Mind can restore and maintain health.

To know God, to be healthy, successful, fulfilled, is only accomplished through the God-Mind, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Lifeforce working through the vehicles of your soul, heart, mind, and body.

Your personal ego will not like this. Because it cannot do, or fix this, or make it happen.

Know God within you first. By this you realize Truth, Life, and health in its time.

In its time? Yes, only in its time. Any sickness may be a tool, a karmic effect, for your soul to learn from or resolve. But again, you yourself, by human power, cannot learn your lessons or resolve anything. Resolving any and all karma takes the Power of God alone.

And for this you need what? To seek within and find what has always been there.

Q: Do I have to do this alone?,/h2>

A: No!

Not only are we all connected, but we can offer each other support and encouragement. Healers, coaches, ministers, and practitioners do not heal or cure. All we do is all that anyone does: Hold a supportive – in this case spiritually-based – space in service to Cosmic Consciousness or God. Its purpose is to direct you inward to the God-Presence in you, that is in each of us.

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May God bless, renew and sustain you in this moment and always!