Dreamkeeper – A Collaboration

A Sunday bonus, written in collaboration with Morgan of
Book N Volume.

Morgan is a prolific author and poet of The Fey, nature, magic, fantasy, beauty, the human spirit, and more. She graciously extended an open invitation to write with her, and I was drawn to the opportunity. I’d been working on this song; I had the melody and first verse lyrics at that point.

This could very well be, as first glance seems, a lullaby for babies. But it is also more. My original intention was to write a cradling song for those who experience insomnia. When I shared this with her, Morgan shone her lyrical brilliance in what became our middle verses here.

Those mystically oriented will notice something – it’s not just about going to sleep and sleeping well. It’s a lullaby, a reminder of Promise from the Divine Parent of the Universe. It is the shifting tide of consciousness from “monkey mind” to awakening, expanding awareness. With that I will say no more; may you enjoy the gentle embrace we intended!

Thank you, Morgan, for your thought, time, and above all your Spirit, kindness, and sensitivity!

Dreamkeeper – Lyrics

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

Go to sleep, Beloved
One in the Spirit of moon and stars.
Slumber full of blessings
Dreams wake in your heart
Dreams wake in your heart.

Precious Child, My Own
Radiant Light O’er Thy Head is Shone.
Blessings Pour from Heav’n Above
Dreams of Peace and Love
Dreams of Peace and Love.

Rest your thoughts in Moonlit Waves
Fret not, nor question why.
Drift upon the Peaceful Night
Nod your head and Sigh
Nod your head and Sigh.

You are my Beloved
How could you ever be less than safe?
Nestled in my keeping
Dream your Self awake
Dream your Self awake.

Go to sleep, Beloved.