One in You

A little bluegrass to celebrate the coming of Spring to our northern hemisphere, and remind us of the Infinite, ever present Spirit of the Universe.

And bluegrass on a uke? Some would say no, but clearly it has its place.

Instrument: Eventide – Mahogany Concert Ukulele

1. No matter where I am;
No matter what I do,
I feel something in nature
And touch a part of You.

2. No matter what I think;
No matter what I see,
I know You are the rhythm
Of life inside of me.

You are the Springtime blossoms
And the Summer heat.
You are the Autumn harvest
And the Winter freeze.
You are the ebb and flow
Of sun and sea and moon.
You are the All in All,
And we are one in You.

3. No matter what I planted;
No matter what I reap,
I know You are the Presence
Of all Eternity.

4. No matter where I’ve been;
No matter where I go,
I know You shine within me –
I take the path You show.
Refrain: (Twice)

You are the All in All,
And we are one in You.