Legend of the Claddagh

Young Richard with a group set sail
To catch the village fish,
And on his way imprisoned by
A Spanish pirate ship.

Distraught, the men worked hard as slaves;
Young Richard, he did pine.
But stole a bit of Master’s gold
For her he left behind.

From precious gold he shaped a ring
With prayers to God above
That he return one bless-ed day
To marry his true love.

The years went by and years went by,
As Richard kept his heart
Until the day he was released,
So happy to depart.

Returning home he found his love,
Remaining ever true.
The Claddagh Ring he gave to her,
A token of the proof.

Today we wear the Claddagh still,
With hands and heart and crown.
It shines upon the hand of one
Whom her true love has found,
Reminding all who see it:
Love does make the world go round!

My poetic version of the Irish
Legend of the Claddagh.

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