Salty Tears

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I’ll have a guitar tune next week, if my fingers are well enough. Meanwhile, I’ve been so grateful for being able to play at all, and for wonderful ukulele songs these past few weeks. The show must go on, and so it does, only by God’s grace!

(Capo 2)

1. With a lump in my throat,
I think I’ll never speak again.
It hurts to lose a loved one,
But relationships must end.
It tears my heart to pieces,
And it happens every time.
My heart is soft to offer comfort
When another cries.

2. Here I stand, on the edge,
But I don’t know which way to go.
If I turn around, I’m staying;
If I jump, I fall below.
It tears my mind to pieces,
And it happens more and more.
My mind sees burning bridges
Where my God sees open doors.

3. I wonder if His recipe
Is miracles and love,
‘Cause they are all that get us through
When times are dark and tough.
It lights my heart with gladness
And my mind with peace and cheer,
As every day in touching ways,
God uses salty tears.

Use our salty tears.

Our salty tears add flavor
To this banquet we call life.
We’ve got to taste the bitter
For the sweetness to arise.
We don’t savor all the courses,
Like the loss and pain and fears.
But God’s the master chef,
And He can use our salty tears.


Spice of Life

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