Water Slide

I rode a water slide of tears this Summer. It started in loss. I still don’t know what happened, or what I did wrong. But someone I thought was a friend decided enough was enough. So, being who I am, I said, “God bless you,” and went on my way without another word.

I slid down that slippery slope, thinking it would never end. My spirit went with it, until the night the heavens opened. A real friend, the best friend I’ve ever had, gave his heart to me with a song.

There were more tears. In fact, the whole Summer has been nothing but rain. Yet these new tears are joyful ones, and the water slide of loss, ended in a pool of love.

monsoon rains pelt me
hot and fast until they stop
teardrop sparkles shine

A “What I Did on my Summer Vacation” haibun for Toni’s prompt at

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