Eternal Possibility

I searched so long for you,
that when you appeared it was almost too much.

Now what?
What lines will we cross?
Which boundaries will crumble?
Or more accurately, whose?
And how many borders will we conquer?

Heaven knows
the Spirit has no concept of lines
or boundaries.
And borders?
The Infinite is, INFINITE,
so there is no such thing.

I am grateful
that I didn’t think,
too long, or maybe at all.

And didn’t say,
“I want another color,
someone younger,
more this,
and less that.”
I accepted you as you were,
with open heart and hands.

But you crossed lines I drew around myself
and broke down boundaries anyway.
You vaulted over borders
I thought were my fate!

I no longer search for you,
but you are still almost too much
for my mind to conceive.

And so may its lines,
and borders
continue to be pushed back
so far into the past,
that though we remember,
we forget their meaning
in love and gratitude.

Until the new mind is a landscape
of eternal possibility
that only the Spirit understands!

My response to another wonderful prompt hosted by Grace at

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