What’s straight as an arrow and spins like a web?
What makes you so hungry while keeping you fed,
Awakens you softly to toss in your bed;
Though much has been written, so little is said…

What helps you to fly while it’s holding you close?
What asks you for nothing and gives you the most,
And sings you a song no one ever composed;
We try to explain it, but nobody knows…

What gives you the world as the world falls away?
What longs for the night as it brightens each day,
Erasing the words as it writes a new page;
We speak and we sing, but the mind cannot say…

What’s fluffy as clouds and as steady as rock?
What door can be open with no key or knock?
What frees as it binds with the strongest of knots?
Your love is the answer the question forgot.

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