Angel Harts

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1. She might play the ukulele.
He might be a Navy man.
They’re not who you’d look to see,
But in your heart you understand.

2. She knows all her jagged pieces.
He remembers his mistakes.
Love restores and heartache ceases,
Washed away as healing breaks.

3. Watch these angels knowing, loving,
Finding peace in Him today.
Here on earth as in His heaven,
Praising God who lights the way.
Refrain: (Twice)

Living, learning in this world,
Give your angel heart to God.

Not all angels play the harp
And wear a halo and a robe.
Living, learning in this world,
Angels give their hearts to God.

wrap yourself in the blanket of peaceful music

Ann Writes Inspiration

I float away on the wings of the wind, as a soft melody plays all around me. The gentle breeze takes me to new places, where dreams come true, and the wings of imagination can take you anywhere.
Let your mind wonder as you listen to the soft music from witin your heart. Where will the music take you? Where will the journey begin and where will it end? It’s all left up to the music, so don’t stop the flow, just let yourself go, and let the soothing soundscapes take you where they will.
Let the soft music wrap you in a blanket of peace and love, as the waters of stress and trouble drift away on the ebbing tide of relaxation as you drift into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.
If you do not wish to fall into the arms of the music and let it take you to…

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Love Alone Is Real

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And now abide faith, hope, and love, these three. But the greatest of these is love.*

1. Faith is the stuff of things that you want,
But right now you cannot see.
And faith is the seed that lets you believe
When you ask you will receive.
But whoever would say you only need faith
Is just giving you part of the deal.

The angels rejoice at hearing the voice
Of our Father ever near.
Our God above is a God of love,
Because love alone is real.

2. Hope is the spark that lights up the dark
As it kindles in your soul.
And hope is the thing with feathers that sings,**
And it never stops at all.**
But whoever would say that hope is the Way
Is just giving you part of the deal.

3. Love isn’t blind. It chooses to find
What is good and leave the rest.
And love isn’t dumb. It lets you become
All you could to be your best.
And whoever would say that love’s a cliche
Is just giving you part of the deal.
Refrain: (Twice)

Love alone is real (2x).

* 1 Cor. 13:13 (NASB)

** Paraphrase from
Emily Dickinson.



Eternal Love

All Because of Love