We are One – Connection Song

Since I’m now the official unofficial music director at my spiritual center :), I was asked to find music to fit a talk about connection.

I scoured my rather extensive music collection, and it wasn’t that I couldn’t find a song… I just couldn’t find one that fit my sense of the message, and one I knew everyone would be able to sing.

So I wrote one.

On this particular Sunday, other members and I also went to a local Pride festival. I went last year and enjoyed it immensely! All these people walking around, some gay, lesbian, bi, and transgendered… And some people were wondering who was who. Well, I didn’t care. Physical blindness has its advantages, and this is one of them!

This song is as much for LGBT people as it is for everyone “else”. So many times we focus on our differences, when we’d get along a lot better if we just remembered…

We are One – Lyrics

Instrument: Lady – Tenor Flea ukulele

We are one
Embracing whole
Infinite spirit
And universal soul

1. We all laugh
And cry
We live
And die
In faith
We smile
Knowing all the while

2. Changing war
Into peace
Being joy
Cleansing grief
In love
We move
Knowing this is true

3. The rainbow
Is life
Each color
So bright
We let live
And smile
Knowing all the while
Refrain: (twice)

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