Light – Metaphysical Christmas Song

Merry Christmas… in July!

Metaphysical science, Unity, religious science, and New Thought have many common beliefs. One that stands out at Christmas time is the idea of Christ. Although most of us believe Jesus existed, we see him as a teacher, a wayshower, and no better than any of the “rest” of us humans experiencing life on earth.

Christ is a state of consciousness. It is already within us; our purpose is to become knowingly aware of it and to demonstrate, or show it in our lives and the world around us.

It is at Christmas that we focus on the Christ mind within us. Though every day we can renew the Christ child within, we’re especially mindful during Advent and Christmas.

Remember that the season of miracles and giving is not just when it’s magically bright, cold (or hot), with carols ringing through the air. These are just outward manifestations of an inward consciousness or state of mind: the belief, as in Santa Clause, that anything is possible.

Because truly, anything is possible, not just at Christmas, but all year long. And the more we let the Christ light shine within us, the more light we see in the world.

Light – Lyrics

Instrument: Celtic harp

1. The Christ in me lights up the world
As peace and love are now unfurled.
I give and through it I receive
The greatest gift of Christ in me.

2. I see the Christ in others shine,
Lit from within by God divine.
And as each candle lends its light,
In harmony we all unite.

3. So like a baby love is born
Where there was not a light before.
And in the light, the darkness fades.
Now comes the dawning of the day.

4. And so it is in every life-
Each one can choose to be the light,
To hold a candle high above,
And share with all your gift of love.

Featured on

Crystal L. Howe: And so It Is, Vol. 1

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