Shades of Consciousness Handwoven Scarf

The pinks in this scarf gradate from one shade to another. And though you probably can’t see this in the picture, the textures change too. These different shades and yarn textures interlock with the warp to create Shades of Consciousness.

“Life is consciousness” is a Metaphysical concept. Basically it’s saying that both your individual life and universal life itself are conscious, aware, and intelligent.

There are many aspects of intelligence and just as many kinds or aspects of consciousness. Like shades and textures, none is better than the others. You are, where you are, and that’s ok. It is when you acknowledge just where you are – truly becoming aware of it without judgement – that you can move forward to consciously, knowingly create the life you want.

These shades of yarn weave themselves through the standard warp. But the warp here is variegated. It is one solid texture, but the color changes now and then.

So, when you look at one shade of pink on the scarf, then move to the next time it appears, it doesn’t look exactly the same. It’s the same yarn, same shade, and same texture. But it interacts differently with the variegated warp.

Your life is like this too. You may seem to have the same experience over and over. However, it’s not exactly the same, because your consciousness is not the same all the time.

Even without realizing it, your state of mind changes from moment to moment. So if you become discouraged by repeating patterns, simply acknowledge that you’ve had this experience before. Then, knowingly, deliberately change your thoughts about it. Choose a better thought than the one you’re thinking now. As you do this, you become a different person, your mind and consciousness expand, and you react differently to the experience.

Just because you reacted in one way before, doesn’t mean you absolutely must react in the same way every time.

Life is consciousness. You are consciousness. And because you know this, you can make sure you interact with the threads of your life the way you want, to create the picture you desire.

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