Vessel of Christ

Instrument: Tempo – Seagull Excursion Folk Acoustic Guitar

It’s the

Little things
That [They] shape a life,
And mold and color how we see it.
In time they grow
And come to light.
So let us be a vessel of the Christ.

1. ‘Cause we don’t get too many chances
To make a big decision count.
But every moment we have choices,
And all that counts is our decision now.
And these

2. And we can keep our broken pieces,
The shards of anger, pain, and fear.
Or we can give them as a sunbeam,
Shards of love to make a pathway clear.

And let us harbor thoughts of kindness
And the question of, “What if?”
Let us save a place for others,
As the gentle Jesus did.
‘Cause these

O Let us be a vessel of the Christ.


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