Handwoven Transformation Scarves

Here are two handwoven scarves. Both were hurried stash projects. Read: I really want to get rid of this yarn and I really don’t care what the cloth turns out to be… Not the best attitude, I admit. But fortunately, I truly enjoyed weaving each of these.

It’s because I had fun weaving these projects that they worked out so well. And that’s why I call them transformation scarves. When our attitudes transform, so do the things in our lives.

What started out as no-purpose cloth turned out to be on-purpose cloth. The soft blue and white scarf warms a woman who didn’t have a scarf. And the red/green one is a Xmas gift for a friend. (Yes, Xmas. It is July after all. Gotta get hoppin’.)

The point is, when we undertake things with good feelings, or can change a negative attitude to a positive one, any project works out for the best. It may not be what we expected, but it will have a purpose and we’ll feel good about it.

What better transformation is there?

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