LEARN: Life Expanding and Revealing Notions

When we think we “have to” learn something, we think too much about it.

Needing to learn something implies lack. If nothing else, we believe we lack knowledge. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be seeking it – we’d know we already have it. And we don’t like lack. We resist lack by default. But by virtue of the Law of Attraction, that lack persists.

Why does lack persist? Because like attracts like, and therefore, what we resist, persists. It must. If we feel resistance to lack, and like attracts like, then we attract more… More resistance to lack. And more lack of knowledge.

Now we’re consciously aware of what’s going on here. And we can create new beliefs about learning.

First, what is learning? My own definition is simply this: Learning means gathering conscious awareness.

And these are the true characteristics of learning:

* Abundance: Embracing the knowledge that is already everywhere.

Knowledge may appear to come from books, other people, etc. But the universal truth is that all knowledge, like everything else, is within each of us already. We’re just consciously tapping into it now. These things and people that seem to be “the source” of some knowledge, are just tools to bring us the conscious awareness of our knowledge.

* Joy: Feeling the excitement of new awareness.

For many of us, learning is a struggle. (Why do you think I’m writing this? :D) However, struggle is how we perceive it, and this can be changed, like all perceptions. When we believe learning – the gathering awareness of knowledge – is joyful, we experience that joy.

* Expansive: Broadening the personal mind.

Q: Does learning mean cramming, studying, pouring over something, trying desperately to remember things, feeling bored with constant repetition… Only to forget it all at some point and need to go back and learn it all over again?

A: Only if we want learning to be this way!

If you’re ready to knock out these beliefs for good, and I do mean forever and for good beliefs, decide for yourself that from now on, learning is different for you.

Now, learning is an opportunity to fill your personal mind with more of the universal, spiritual, or God-mind. It’s not just knowledge or experience you’re gathering when you learn. It’s an energetic connection to more expansion.

Once again, like attracts like. When you intend to expand your mind, while feeling joyful and abundant, you attract more expansion, joy and abundance!

And this, blessed be, is why we learn! What a


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