Namaste – 2 Meditation Affirmation Poems

Two poems and a harp meditation to affirm the truth and see love in everything. Recite “Namaste” silently or aloud, to anything or anyone troubling you, and you will see love instead of negativity.

Prayer to the Subconscious

You know my thoughts, and you obey.
My word sets you upon your way.
Because you always carry out
Intentions from my thoughts and mouth,
I choose to plant the perfect truth
Within the fertile law of you.
–And so it is!


I offer you a Namaste!
I know your greatness in all ways.

The love in me sees love in you.
My highest self affirms your truth.

I recognize your perfect soul.
I know that you are always whole.

No matter what the world may say,
You prosper by this Namaste!
–And so it is!

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