Are you Sick?: Healing Consciousness

1. Have you received a diagnosis of illness?

2. Do you feel sick?

3. Do you think about being sick right now?

4. Do you resent your disease?

5. Do you think about how much you want this problem to go away?

Are you sick?

You may answer yes to the first 5 questions. But in truth, the answer to the last one is no.

You are not sick. Your essence is wholeness, life, health and vitality. You are the creator of your life, and you are a creation of Spirit, God, the universe… Neither the creator (you) nor the creation (you) can be sick.

Sick is not what you are. It may describe how you feel and more importantly, how you think. But it is not what you are.

There is little need to delve into the past and ask yourself why you became sick. What specific thoughts and feelings contributed to the outer manifestation of sickness in your experience? What you need to realize now is that no matter what happened in the past, it was your own thoughts and feelings that contributed to the experience of illness.

And if your thinking and beliefs made you sick, they can restore wellness just as easily.

This may seem hard, but it’s a matter of awareness. Before this, you weren’t aware of what you were thinking and maybe not even aware of your true feelings. But now you must be, because only by being truly aware, and without judgement, can you make yourself well.

Wellness is a process. All of life is a consciously evolving process. If you want to have a healthy mind and body, you need healthy thoughts and feelings.

Use affirmative prayer, meditation, music, books and other materials, and the conscious support of like-minded people to evolve toward wellness. You may choose to find a holistic practitioner and/or one who offers Reiki, ZPoint, Quantum-Touch, or other services, along with any other treatment of your choice. Competent professionals in any field will be willing to work with you and accept the ttreatments you choose, medical and non-medical alike.

You don’t have to be sick… Unless you think you must. Do you choose to believe what an outside source (doctor, relative, friend, etc) tells you? Or do you believe the spiritual truth of your being: that you are complete wholeness, immediately, now and eternally?

The choice is yours!

Are you sick?

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