Prosperity Song

In Metaphysical Science, Unity, Religious Science and New Thought, we “pray for” what we want, as if we already have it.

This practice of affirmative prayer – affirming, confirming and already having – is called spiritual mind treatment, scientific prayer and positive prayer. No matter what you call it, the prayer method is similar throughout the paths listed above.

In a future post I’ll describe the steps of affirmative prayer. For now, realize that the following prosperity song includes all of them.

I offer you this as a prayer, a meditation, and something to focus on. Ponder this until you believe it is so. Only when you believe you are prosperous, will you appear prosperous in the world – with more than enough money, happiness, time and love to be fulfilled.

Whatever you do, affirm prosperity, rather than begging for money! Sometimes it isn’t really money you need. And even when money is needed, begging for it attracts… more feelings of lack and having to beg.

And if you believe somewhere within yourself that having money is not spiritual, that poverty is a virtue, then meditate on removing that belief first. Would Spirit, God, Universe, Life itself create you to be poor?

No! Because if You are poor, then Life is poor too. And poor things – beings that lack something – cannot survive. Life does not create itself, to sabotage and destroy itself. Therefore, you must be prosperous: Prosperity is your divine right!

If this is the only thing you realize from my sharing here, it will change your entire consciousness, and through it, your entire life experience.

Prosperity – Lyrics

Instrument: Soprano Flea ukulele

1. I know your omnipresence
Transforms all seeming lack.
My Spirit is of plenty,
And plenty I attract.

2. Prosperity and blessings
Are flowing clear and free.
The Spirit of abundance
Fulfills my every need.

3. I speak the word of wisdom,
And now the law receives
And manifests directly
My great prosperity.

4. I thank your omnipresence,
Transforming every lack.
My spirit is of plenty,
And plenty I attract.

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