Manifesting… Computer?

I bet you’re wondering why I haven’t posted. I try to post at least twice a week, but sometimes the Universe offers something better, like an opening to realize something, and then share it. Allow me to explain… This is gonna be great!

I’ve been “meaning to” get anew computerfor a long time. About 2 years at least. But at the same time, I’ve been saying, “I’m gonna run this one into the ground first!” Lately though, I’ve been seeing the new computer in a positive light, like this:

* Laptop: I can carry it around…
* Record on location
* Take notes at meetings, whereas now I record them with a stand-alone recorder and transcribe the pieces I want afterward
* Post on the go… Now what fun would that be!
( Take picsand videosmor easily, to increase visibility ultimately to share more things,with more people

Those are just some things. Abraham (channeled by the wonderful Esther Hicks) says weneed to affirm why we want something. That really struck me. Because this isn’t the why as in, “Why do you want that?” “Well, it will bring in more money. I did this, so I should have that.” You know, like when we were kids, said we wanted something, and got the infamous response… “Did you do your homework first? Clean your room? Take out the trash?” “No…” “Well then, no (thing) for you.”

When you look at “why” that way, it’s no wonder you don’t want to explain/justify/clarify why you want something! But Abe’s “Why” is much different. Abe means, “How will it feel to have that thing?” Needless to say, a lightbulb, or a thousand of them, went off in my head. I actually laughed out loud when I heard that on the workshop CD, because it felt so true for me.

So I decided to feel now, how I will feel with a new computer. I felt good! It felt good to have that thing. Abe goes on to “explain” all the reasons why we could want anything. Ultimately it boils down to, “I want it because it feels good!”

Society doesn’t teach us this, but the truth is, there is nothing wrong with wanting something for the fun and/or good feeling of it! Like attracts like… So if we feel good now, wanting something because that feels good, what do we attract? That’s right… More good feelings, and the tangible and intangible good things that go along with them!

Remember how I said I’d run my PC into the ground before getting a new one? Well, guess what I got… The thing will no longer even start up properly, let alone get far enough to post or do anything else. And I don’t care. I didn’t lose much data, and what I lost isn’t gone… It’s stored elsewhere, it will just take time to re-download it all. . I feel good about starting over with something better. And my new computer is on its way, coming from agood place, rather than a grudging, “Well, I guess I really have to get one now…” It’s more like, “Yay! Now I can pick out my favorite laptop!”

Be well! And remember that how you feel improves your present, and attracts your future!

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