Handwoven Braided Bag – And a Little on Kids

Like most of my handwovens, this bag was woven on my Cricket loom. It’s a small rigid heddle loom that’s portable but very versatile. The loom and the bag can be deceptive. Both are small, but useful, fun, beautiful, and appreciated.

Lately it’s been brought to my attention that little things are under appreciated. Unfortunately, the “little things” are children. I have a child of my own and do try to appreciate him consciously. However, in some settings, “grown-ups” don’t want children around. I’ve heard, “Just put the kids in the nursery. They wouldn’t understand a spiritual message, so just keep them quiet.” Statements like these break my heart.

Children are the future of any environment. They will carry on family, community, spiritual centers, and the Earth in general. Their enthusiastic, unlimited ideas are what will zap lack consciousness out of the water for good. And I mean, literally, for good states of mind. And at present, our willingness to appreciate, serve and guide children will create their future, as well as our own.

Here is what could happen:
1. We put kids in the nursery for babysitting while the parents “stay for the message.” Elsewhere we complain about their presence, energy, noise, running around, etc. So kids (and parents) don’t want to gather there anymore. As a result, the place (spiritual center or any other) dies off as the people do, because there is no youth to sustain it.

2. We love and nurture children. Even from birth we respect their spiritual connection and guide children to maintain that connection in their own ways. We offer engaging messages and activities that grow with the children. From our loving service, we create a fulfilled and fulfilling spiritual center, where parents, children and all others who gather there, are loved, blessed and appreciated.

The questions are:
Which senario do we want to create?
Do we truly want children in our midst, or are we just giving them lipservice?
Are our words and actions toward parents and their children in line with the senario we want to create?
If not, what in our thinking needs to change to serve the highest good of all?

Children are of greater value than most people know! I don’t even know how valuable they are… But I’m willing to treat them as priceless beings.

How “grown up” is it to act as if “children should (still?) be seen and not heard?”

Appreciate the little things! The little loom, the small bag, the growing children. Because they just might have an important role to play in your very own future. And even if they don’t, appreciation is never misplaced, ever!

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