Which Path is Mine?: Choosing the Right Direction

Whether you’re deciding between two things you could buy, finding a spiritual community, choosing a relationship partner, or anything else in life, you’re on a path. But is there a right path and a wrong path? Do “the cards” just fall where they will? Or do you alone determine your destiny?

I’m asking myself these questions, even as I try to bring you some intellectual understanding of possible answers. But these possible answers are truly the key. Anything is possible! No path is pre-determined as either yours or mine. I do think we come into this world asking for certain experiences, for particular people to be in our lives, etc. But I also believe that as we think, react or respond to things, and have different feelings and emotions, we determine our future path. What we think, do and feel today, determines what we’ll experience tomorrow. And not necessarily tomorrow, as in the next day of the week, but tomorrow, meaning in the future.

If you’re facing a hard decision now, it’s because of what you’ve thought in the past. For instance, if you can’t decide which car to buy, it’s because you’ve had undecided thoughts about it. “I could buy this one. It’s…” Fill in whatever that one is that you find special. “But that one has…” And then you start up with, “Is one better than the other? Less expensive? Made elsewhere?” And because you’re asking these questions, by virtue of the Law of Attraction, you receive… not answers, but more questions!

I’m not saying we should stop asking questions! I’m suggesting that the best course may be to take the questions into meditation. Imagine them into a container, a circle, or something else that keeps them in one place. Put in the questions you consciously have, and all undecided parts of yourself. And do a clearing meditation. As thoughts come up, let them pass by you, into the clearing vessel. Asking questions is great; getting caught up in them doesn’t feel good.

So, is there a right path? In my evolving beliefs, no. There is alignment, where you take the path of least resistance. And there is misalignment, where maybe you take a more difficult path. But in the end – whatever that is! – I believe we are all where we need to be, when we need to be there. In other words, whatever path you take, you’ll “come out all right in the end.” And you truly don’t need to wait for the end! You’re coming out all right now, just by being aware that you have choices, but also that you don’t need to get caught up in always choosing the very best, with your intellectual, so-called logical mind.

Make a decision now! Buy that car, enter into that relationship, try out that spiritual community! You don’t have to stay there forever. All things in the physical are “just for now” anyway. SO enjoy them!

Thanks for bearing with me as I come to some peace of mind myself on these points!

Many blessings, now and always, on your own ever-changing path!


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