Handwoven Spa Washcloth – Clearing the Subconscious

Loopy Spa Cloth

This loopy spa washcloth seemed like a luxury to me. That’s why I wove it – it was something I wanted, and all the better because I could make it myself. A lot went into weaving this, but much more came out of it.

Tabby or plain weave is what most people think of as “weaving.” Threads travel over, under, over, under each other, interlocking to make cloth. The spa cloth is plain weave, too, but each pile loop is picked up individually.

Like the subconscious mind, the plain weave serves as a background. It’s there, but it’s not our focal point. However, if it weren’t for the plain weave foundation, there would be no loops to focus on. If one thread goes astray, losing its place in the weave, potentially the whole cloth can unravel.

Unraveling happens, or seems to happen, in our lives when a thread is out of place. Remember, these are the background threads, the subconscious. Things we don’t focus on, but that drive everything else. These are thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, memories, and assumptions. When one is out of place, meaning maybe we believe something that’s not true, the whole fabric of our lives unravels.

Maybe it unravels gradually, or just appears to have a flaw. For example, we have all the money we want, but lack the kind of relationships we desire. How can we put that thread back into place, so that it supports our focus?

This is where the spa aspect comes in. People go to a spa to relax, unwind, to be cleansed, renewed and invigorated. Using this metaphor, we can also cleanse, renew and invigorate our subconscious mind. We can gently, lovingly and easily replace the belief – the thread – that doesn’t serve us. In turn, we replace it with something that serves a fulfilling purpose.

Cleanse the background, so the focus becomes clear. Make sure the plain weave structure of your life, the supporting subconscious, is clear and bright. Prayer, meditation, fun, friendship, journaling, and spending time in nature can be valuable ways to cleanse the subconscious. Doing things we love, reading and listening to uplifting material, attending group activities like Metaphysical meetings, drum circles, energy/Reiki shares and more, are positive reinforcement as well.

My purpose here is to offer practical tools for demonstrating, that is, showing and living, the life you want. As I create this for myself, I automatically create it for you and for the world. Won’t you pick up your metaphorical or literal spa washcloth and join me in the freeing process of cleansing the subconscious to create a great, conscious and visible reality?

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