Labor of Love

Recognizing Labor Day in the United States, and for anyone – everyone! – who is about the Father’s business (Luke 2:49).

Instrument: Brio – Red cedar concert ukulele

[And] may your work be a labor of love.
May you serve the Father in peace.
So on Earth as in Heaven above,
Giving thanks while planting the seeds.

1. Take heart, take heart,
And do your part
To plant the fertile ground.
He knows, He knows
Where water flows
And ready soil abounds.

2. You ask, you ask
And do the task
That God has planned for you.
He lives, He lives
And through you gives
The harvest of good fruit.

3. Each day, each day
You go your way.
O take the path of Light.
And do, and do
Your labor true
With heart and soul and mind.

4. You see, you see
The tiny seed
With miracles inside.
It grows, it grows,
It flow’rs and shows
The blooming of a life.


Come unto Me – Metaphysical Song