One Spirit

Is the Trinity Real?
A Mystical View

I have written about the “members” of the Trinity myself – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. However, there comes a point in mystical awareness where even the Trinity falls away, and you are left with Oneness! A religious person might feel shaken that the doctrine of the Trinity has shattered. But those with mystical awareness hold to the Spirit, and are grateful for the ever deepening realization of Truth.

Infinite means without beginning and without end. Nothing is separate from or outside of the Infinite.

“There is One Infinite Spirit and every time man says, “I am” he proclaims it.”
–Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind, p. 323

We pray unto the Father
And put hope in the Son;
We ask the Holy Spirit
To fill each heart that comes.

But there is something Higher,
A Truth of Love and Light:
The one eternal Power,
The Source and Breath of Life.

Indeed there is a Father
And Christ the Son of Love;
A gentle Holy Spirit,
Descending like a dove.

But names fall short of Allness
And things that can’t be seen,
And texts of sacred knowledge
Are puzzles incomplete.

The wholeness of the Presence,
The Father-Spirit-Son,
Is not three separate powers,
But infinitely One!

So when you call on something,
Look gently deep inside
And seek the Highest Kingdom,
The Presence that abides!