The Truth We Tell

Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. Knowledge is amazing,
And the mind is like a sponge.
It soaks up information
Every time we take a plunge.
But knowledge, it is meaningless
Without the One True Guide.
So let a greater Mind than this
Direct the learning tide!

2. The work we do is critical;
We have a purpose here.
And when we give our very best,
Success is always near.
But we are not machines to push
For games and greed and guile.
O may we serve the Universe
And touch the inner sky!

3. We’re dressing up and acting out
Without the Star of Love.
The curtain’s closed, and all is dark.
Then shines a Light above!
The part we play on any stage,
This whole identity,
Is fleeting till we claim the Truth
And let It set us free!

Releasing pain and fear
To fill us with the Light!

‘Cause the truth we tell is fact,
but black and white make grey.
There’s more to us than that;
O let us find the Way!
Eternal Love so clear
Is burning deep inside,
Releasing pain and fear
To fill us with the Light!