Instrument: Brio – Red Cedar Concert Ukulele

1. On earth and sea and in the sky,
We live and move and breathe.
Yet taking from them as we do,
We separate the three.
The Tree of Life and all its limbs
Are rooted in the Deep
Creative Mind where all abides,
Including you and me.

2. The body, mind and spirit,
Your holistic sacred three,
Yet even as we care for them,
We look at specialties.
The body of the physical,
The mind’s activity,
The precious soul that’s yours alone
And makes your life complete.

3. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
The Christian Trinity,
Yet who they are and what they do,
Not everyone agrees.
If we would look inside and trust,
Then we might plainly see
The greatness of the boundless Love
That brings it all to be.

O keep in mind the oneness link
Connecting every part.

We specialize and criticize,
Just knowing one small piece.
We label, compartmentalize,
And work to find relief.
But there’s a kink in what we think
And every box we mark.
We fast forget the oneness link
Connecting every part.

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One Spirit